Africa Ball Hero Convicted of Three Murders

The weekend is here and for many Whites this means putting on a jersey with a negro's name on it and staring into the talmudvision, watching amazing coal-colored athletes bounce off each other for a few seconds and then just milling around doing nothing for a considerably longer time. They'll be sitting there passively while the West is dying, trying to get that beer with the little "U" on the bottle into the face hole, cheering like a moronic child when the negroes on red do well and impotently raging when the negroes on blue do well, dying the slow suicide, soiling themselves in front of the unblinking one-eyed jew. This is what our enemies want and if some of the amazing three second animals should happen to go on murder sprees, so much the better.

Former Raiders defensive end Anthony Wayne Smith was convicted Thursday of three Los Angeles murders, but a judge declared a mistrial on a fourth charge stemming from the 2008 shooting death of another man in the Antelope Valley.

This worthless turd was worshiped by debased Whites and paid huge amounts of fiat currency to play a child's game. This did nothing to prevent the content of its character from emerging, the same predictable "African American" pathology we're all sick of seeing. If millions of dollars couldn't stop the typical negro behavior what chance does the EBT have? They need to be removed.

The jew and the zoo.

Smith, 48, was convicted of the Nov. 10, 1999, shooting deaths of brothers Kevin and Ricky Nettles, who were kidnapped from a Los Angeles carwash, and the June 25, 2001, stabbing death of Dennis Henderson, whose body was found in a rental car in Watts.

Another negro serial killer to get into the memory hole. We all know it's Whites that do that, haven't you ever seen a jew-produced television show? 

Jurors found true the special circumstance allegations of multiple murders, murder involving the infliction of torture and murder during the commission of a kidnapping. 

Kidnapping gone wrong. Torture and murder, chaos and rot, the African Heart of Darkness comes to the U.S.S.A. but it's worth it because this monster made a quarterback "hurry" once. 

When I gettin' muh cah wash abductin' on?

But prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty against Smith, who faces life in prison without the possibility of parole when he is sentenced Dec. 21 at the Lancaster courthouse.

Before we get all crazy with the punishments I'd like to remind the court that my client once scored a "tug" in the "big game."  

Superior Court Judge Daviann L. Mitchell declared a mistrial on a fourth count involving the Oct. 7, 2008, shooting death of Maurilio Ponce after jurors reported that they had not reached a unanimous verdict on first-degree murder.

A tar complected super orc straight from a nightmare blasting a la-teen-oh invader, the amazing wonders of "diversity."

Smith’s attorney said he had to “respect” the jury’s verdict whether he agreed with it or not.

"I'm still getting my geld, too bad about that killer schwoogie."

Eyyy, dees nee-grows no shoot meee, I theeeeennk.

Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Chung said outside court, “I believe they came back with a just verdict.”

It sure is refreshing to know that an obviously guilty evolutionary dead-end can still be convicted of most of the horrific crimes it committed. 

Smith, the Raiders’ top pick in 1990 out of the University of Arizona, played for the Los Angeles and Oakland Raiders between 1991 and 1997.

Wow, both types of Raiders. What a hero.


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