Anti-White Professor: I Was Going For Tenure

Possibly the greatest con the jew has ever pulled is convincing otherwise intelligent and well-adjusted young Whites to spend their shekels and enter into the kosher debt trap for the privilege of hearing how Whites are evil at a communist indoctrination center or "college." Empty their pockets of the money the jew worships, poison their minds with the most vile semitic hatred, leave a ruined husk that will gladly support the evils of our age, this is the jewish college racket. And hey, let's hear from some heroic anti-White shithead who bravely supported the State Religion in the face of the mildest criticism imaginable. This turd got paid big money to teach "White Man Bad" to the shkotzim and is quite proud of the tiny but important role in the collapse of our country it played.

The weirdest piece of "hate mail" Lee Bebout got this spring after his Arizona State University course on the "problem of whiteness" made national news was about albinos.

Huh, very interesting. The weirdest piece of "hate mail" I ever received was about how the Whites actually are just as criminal as negroes and la-teen-ohs. Wait, did I say weirdest? I think I actually meant to say "most pathetic."

"It was a letter from somebody here in Phoenix — they gave me their return address — who wrote to me to tell me I should look to the plight of albinos because that’s the real problem with whiteness," the ASU professor told TPM in a phone interview last week.

Well, they are routinely hacked to pieces by superstitious and moronic fellow animals to make witchcraft amulets. 

Strange letters about albinos notwithstanding, Bebout plans next semester to teach a revamped version of the course that put him at odds with Fox News and made him a target of white supremacist groups.

Yeah, strange letters indeed.Our enemies love to call us "ignorant" but live in total and willful denial of well-documented negro pathology.

Race isn't real! It's just skin color caused by the climate!

"Bebout said he had intended to call the course 'Disrupting Whiteness,' but ultimately settled on the more innocuous-sounding 'Whiteness and Critical Race Theory,' perhaps reflecting a desire to avoid a repeat of the reaction to the previous course," the article read.
The U.S.S.A. is simply not ready for "Kill the Devil Craka, 101" so we'll keep slipping the jewish cyanide into some nice mushy apple sauce to help it go down. We're not going to be talking about racial intelligence differences, brow ridges, muzzles, foreign genetics and the possibility that Homo erectus is still with us in this class on race. Instead it's going to be some careerist piece of human waste spewing hate against the only race in the world that would "tolerate" this cultural marxist drivel. 

TPM called up Bebout on Wednesday to talk about why he thought the "problem of whiteness" class elicited such a strong reaction and whether all that hubbub is informing his approach to the latest version of the course. Spoiler alert: he says it's not.

And by "strong reaction" we mean a few people complained, nothing came of it, and the sickening jewish indoctrination into self-loathing continues as if nothing had happened.

"I’m hoping there’s maybe less of a headache," Bebout said of next semester's class. "But I also know as somebody who’s been a scholar in critical whiteness studies for years that when you’re talking about whiteness, people get their hackles up."

This may be the most thoroughly worthless and vile blob of protoplasm in the entire U.S.S.A. "Whites get upset when I start promoting White genocide, but as an expert in Unclean Meat studies I can't say I'm too surprised. It's just amazing how feckless the response is, maybe an unkind glance or an e-mail about albinos. It's like they're mostly resigned to being displaced and destroyed."

 Trust me.

"I was surprised and I definitely cringed. I’m not somebody who likes media attention. I don’t like hearing my voice."

Yeah, I'm sure. I'm a good hard-working mensch who just wanted to quietly explain to young Whites why they're uniquely evil and need to be exterminated. No cameras or glory, please. Poisoning the well of the West in the name of a death cult is enough for me.

"I don’t like seeing my picture on TV."

If it makes you feel better I didn't like seeing it either.

"Other than that there were days where I was a bit nervous to see how the university would support me but it all worked out fine"

Communist that preaches White Genocide is supported by our State Religion, big surprise.

"I was going up for tenure at the time. You probably realize, and a lot of the readers will realize, that’s definitely a very stressful time because you’re not sure if you’re gonna have a job the next year."

Maybe it's a little like White working men that are now unemployed because their factory moved to Mexico, but we all know they're "races" and need to die and you're a brave and noble hero speaking truth to power to a captive audience of student loan debt victims. And what an inspiration, earning that tenure (sinecure) against all odds, defying the White power structure that controls everything. You know, the "Whites" with the little caps on the back of their heads and #6 noses.

Every. Single. Time.

"Somebody decides to come to my neighborhood and put leaflets around my neighborhood. So then not only do I not necessarily know where I stand but I’m not sure how safe I should feel in my own neighborhood." 

Oh no, "races" leaflets! Am I safe? I could get a paper cut from that. 

"It started with Campus Reform. They’re the ones who got the word out. It was a young woman who was never involved in the class, never read any of the books, who was just going at it and trying to articulate a political agenda of her own."

The monolithic and mighty White Privilege apparatus springs into action, a young girl didn't like being told she was inherently evil by a check-cashing grifter that calls himself "professor." She complained, a whole lot of nothing happened, our displacement steadily continues.

"One that is saying 'Oh, campuses are politically biased and white people are being attacked.’ This is kind of in tune with ‘There’s a war on Christmas,’ right? ‘There’s a war on white people.’"

You know, crazy "races" stuff like that. Meanwhile White nations are being flooded with foreign invaders, our media and educational system are under the control of marxist jews, Whites are routinely attacked in "random incidents" and we continue to be the official holocaust goat for all the non-White sins. 

"Then white nationalists, white supremacists get involved. In some ways they’re really different groups. In some ways they’re using really similar rhetoric, and it’s the rhetoric or the discourse of white victimhood or a war on whites."

Must be that "rhetoric" from "supremacists." Our enemies hate the truth as much as they hate us.

The stuff that happened outside of the classroom has had little to no impact on what I’m gonna do in the classroom. Except for the fact that I’m gonna offer the class more often.

The War on Whites continues, on your dime. Be a good little goyim and die.

Paperback sells for only $30. What a bargain!


  1. Gee what's the harshest name I can come up with for my anti-white class without the goyim noticing? Gosh it's almost like I'm timid about the power structure at my indoctrination center taking notice of my skewering of the White race. Ahh, no need to worry chum, as long as you prove yourself as a correct-thinking individual, everything will be ok.

  2. Gee what's the harshest name I can come up with for my anti-white class without the goyim noticing? Gosh it's almost like I'm timid about the power structure at my indoctrination center taking notice of my skewering of the White race. Ahh, no need to worry chum, as long as you prove yourself as a correct-thinking individual, everything will be ok.

  3. Universities offer financial incentives to faculty & teachers. So, a white person can be enticed to follow Cultural Marxist dogma while earning 300,000 per year. This also explains why College is so damned expensive.


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