Black Monday

It's impossible to look at the "African American" with an impartial gaze and come to any other conclusion than this failed branch of humanity does not belong anywhere near a civilized White nation. The brow ridges, flat noses, sloped foreheads, muzzles and other archaic features suggests something more than animal but less than man and their behavior, the content of their character, certainly removes any lingering doubts. Where the negro goes, trouble follows. Over fifty years of groveling appeasement, blank checks, doomed do-gooder programs and numb acceptance of this walking pathogen have done nothing to improve the genetic alien while laying waste to once healthy nations. And here we are, 2015 bigot, with the same predictable negro behavior, the same excuses and lies, the same forgotten victims.

New Haven police are investigating after a 79-year-old man walking home from work said he was beaten and robbed by a group of five youths.

The weak and helpless, the preferred targets for shit people who are alive and healthy solely because of White generosity. Here's our big reward for feeding this idol of tar, for passing our sons and daughters through the flames of jewish "diversity" as a sweet savor for the nation wreckers. Robbery gone wrong, wrong place at the wrong time, probably an isolated incident. How about you watch this jew pornography and forget about the War on Whites there, goyim.

He told investigators he was hit from behind and attacked by five people, one on a bike, and one he described as obese. Police described them as black youths.

The modern U.S.S.A. in all its profound ugliness. Fat Albert and the gang prey on an elderly White, a man who lived through the disastrous jewish century, saw the kosher disaster unfold, first slowly, now all at once. Hit from behind by five worthless savages, their cowardice and anti-soul.

The man was punched, kicked and thrown to the ground and likely most consciousness, and his backpack and wallet were stolen. The wallet was later recovered. 

The banality of negro evil. Our dead nation, come on in, loot and destroy. Attack the free-range Legacy Americans, no one will care. Get dat bakk pakk awn, mudda fudda.

Detectives are reviewing video surveillance in hopes of identifying the attackers.

Based on the usual high qualities footage we're looking for five brown blobs, one of them slightly rounder than the others, another using a bike as a getaway car.

Full Story.

The White response.


  1. Seriously, the way you write, I don't see how you are not among the most important pro-white sites on the net. I absolutely love your stuff.

    1. Absolutely. A.J. writes in a perfect balance of truth, sarcasm and information, quite enough to stir my firm resentments of the black race and the way YT is treated.

  2. I agree.
    I was always fuckin woke.
    But this site jarred me in a different way.
    This is the kind of writing i always aspired to...cause i knew id never get published by the fuckfaced Rat-Tribe.


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