German Village Politely Asks Invaders Not to Rape, Is Declared "Racist"

I didn't think I would live to see the death of my ancestral homelands. I assumed it would take several decades for the jew-introduced rot to claim them. Current events have demonstrated just how naively optimistic this opinion was as most of Europe has made the semitic transition from a slow and agonizing death by a thousand cuts to having the throat slashed in kosher slaughter. Full blown Camp of Saints madness is currently annihilating Germany, a nation full of "racism" and inherent evil (muh family up the chimney) that is so bad and wicked that brown aliens will travel lengthy distances for the opportunity to be oppressed.

And make no mistake, it is oppression, with demonic German monsters politely whispering "xenophobic" demands while looking at the ground and shifting from foot to foot. Horrible things like "please don't rape our women" and "that cemetery is not a communal toilet." Now the wailing can begin, the name-calling, the invisible chains Whites wear for fear of the jew tighten. We're facing an unprecedented existential crisis, but not being called bad words by an enemy that's currently forcing a noose over out heads is, as always, top priority.

A village in Germany has released a list of ground rules for migrants. The list covers matters of basic civility – like shopping and the Highway Code – to fundamental principles of Western society; like gender equality, not harassing young girls and learning the native language.  

Maybe we can alchemize the invading army of jihad into good little Europeans by offering some basic civility rules, a concept as alien to the moe-ham-heads as their moon religion and their pathological culture is to us. Don't rape teen girls, fighting age "refugee," it's wrong according to the Village Rules, established November of 2015. I'm sure that will take precedence over the bloody edicts of your demon-spawned koran and your own savage idiocy.

“Germany is a clean country and should remain so” states the document, reminding migrants that, in Germany, “We do our necessities exclusively on toilets, not in gardens and parks, not even in hedges and behind bushes.”

Public bowel movements are our greatest strength. The exciting vibrancy of a desert creature that doesn't understand evil White concepts like indoor plumbing and not defecating on the graves of our ancestors.

"Women and children" fleeing "war."

Hardheim, in Franconia Odenwald, is home to just 4,600 inhabitants. Yet approximately 1,000 refugees are currently housed in nearby Carl-Schurz-Kaserne.

Open wide, tiny German village, here comes the diversity. Let's silently accept this massive outrage, maybe make a few new rules like "don't create child-rape gangs" that will be ignored. Not with a bang but with a whimpering call to prayer, not on our feet fighting but face down, ass up toward Mecca, biting the prayer rug and preparing for the worst.

Locals produced the document to help migrants integrate into their tightly knit community, and published it on the municipality website.

I'm sure it will work and your community will remain tightly knit a year from now. They're just shit-colored Whites following a Great Religion that's just a more exciting and vibrant version of Christianity, everything will be fine.

Some people online have accused the village of “racism,” however, and of indulging “stereotypes,” not respecting “German political tolerance,” and addressing migrant like “animals.” The page has now been taken down.

Oh well, we gave it our best shot. We don't want to be called "races" by those actively invested in our destruction, that's for sure. Let moe shit on my father's remains. 

Your shipment of "women and children" has arrived. Enjoy.

According to reproductions in the German media, they very politely began:

"When in the course of human events it become necessary for gelded towel boys and teen girl harem members to suggest you don't shit on our doorstep..."

“Dear stranger, dear stranger! Welcome to Germany, welcome to Hardheim. Many of you have gone through terrible things. War, mortal danger, a perilous escape across half the world. That is over now. You are now in Germany.”

Racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone Xenophobia!!!!! Islamophobia!!! Afrophobia!!!! Did I mention it was "races?" Harsh strong words, full of menace. Many of you are going to do terrible things here in Germany, but we'll cluck our disapproval until the jew tells us to stop. This used to be a healthy White nation. That is over now.

The document asks migrants to “learn as soon as possible the German language, so that we can communicate and you can bring your needs to express to us,” and to not make noise after 10pm in their small village.

We'd like to be able to understand what you're screaming in our ears as the scimitar saws off our heads. Also, could you maybe tone down that 3 am "call to prayer?" I mean, if it isn't too much of a bother. We love our own dispossession and death and certainly aren't "intolerant."

“It is true that religious freedom is for all [in Germany],” they state. Equality of the sexes is mentioned: “Women must lead an independent life and have the same rights as men,” stating that all women must be treated with respect.

For some reason the jew feminist has fallen mute as real "rape culture" oozes into Europe. That family-destroying marxist sickness was only for Whites. Even "please don't rape my ten-year-old daughter" is beyond the pale when it comes to making feeble and pathetic requests of the invading army.

It also instructs the migrants, who are nearly all men, to refrain from making sexual advances on “young women” in the small town, by not “asking of mobile numbers and Facebook contact, harass them, or ask anyone to get married,” it says. 

Nearly all men. Huh, how about that. The synagogue in the living room assured me it was "women and children" but I guess that wasn't true. Oh well, here's your four figures worth of rape apes, German village. No need to thank us.

“Germany is a peaceful country,” concludes the statement.

Might be time to change that to the past tense. 


  1. Reminds me of something Robert Frenz said on "Don't wipe your ass on my drapes and expect me to care about your feelings".


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