Honoring the Jewish Cultural Rot

The profound and disgusting spiritual sickness of the modern U.S.S.A. is not some sort of bizarre accident. It's the end game of a long jewish war against White nations that has been more successful than any Frankfurt school choosenite could have imagined. Today's popular culture has all the beauty of a septic tank with none of the utility. It's the kosher anti-soul projected into our living rooms, the demonic puke endlessly promoted by billionaire bastards and our ruling criminals.As long as Whites keep passively absorbing this spiritual bio-toxin there is no hope for us. Meanwhile the failed cheerleader, sodomite, African tribesman and figurehead leader was giving awards to individual cancer cells that heroically participated in the national metastasis.

The 17 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year are "extraordinary people" who have left their mark on politics, entertainment, athletics and the United States itself, President Obama said Tuesday.

I guess we can add "extraordinary" to the list of words that have been stripped of all meaning by cultural marxists.

From singer-actress Barbra Streisand to NASA mathematician Katherine G. Johnson to filmmaker Steven Spielberg 

From a jew to some other jew and the affirmative action math witch we've got it all! USSA! USSA! USSA!

An award for the oldest male negro not in a prison cell?

"We celebrate artists, public servants and two legends from America's pastime," Obama said, the latter comment referring to Berra and fellow baseball Hall of Fame member Willie Mays.

Those amazing heroes of American Cricket, how they have inspired. Look at that boy run. What a hero.

Mays, who wore a baseball cap to the ceremony, received perhaps the loudest ovation of the ceremony.

We're being invaded by foreign aliens with the full consent of our jew-controlled government, Muh Economy is in the toilet, our cities are burning, an undeclared War on Whites is getting worse with each passing day, but here's a medal for the silver-back and his wacky little cap (just like that other persecuted minority with no real power!). 

"It's because of giants like Willie that someone like me could think about running for president," said Obama, the nation's first African-American chief executive.

The first "yella" chief executive, the first mulatto scum, the last days of a dead nation. If I saw further than others it's because I stood on the shoulders of baseball simians.

The honored political leaders included the late U.S. congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to mount a major presidential campaign.

We're very proud of this poorly formed hominid and her "Not the White Man's Bitch" party. Hopefully one day the decay will reach a point where a negress with a giant posterior, long colorful nails, a constant "I canna hee-ah yew" problem and an inability to read cursive can wisely guide the stinking remains of our national cadaver. 

William D. Ruckelshaus, the first administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, also earned recognition for resigning his post in the Justice Department in 1973 rather than follow President Richard Nixon's order to fire the Watergate special prosecutor. 

Any excuse to attack the last jew-wise President. 

Withered jew and magic half-caste.

Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan won honors for pioneering the Latin-flavored fusion sound in music, while composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim "re-invented the American musical" with complex and challenging themes.

Now for the la-teen-oh, who cares if another 40 million invades across our open border if we get another "Leeet's geeeeet feee-seeee-caallll" in the bargain. And hey, another one of g*d's favorite people who injected "complex themes" like attacking normal White America. 

Itzhak Perlman — "the most beloved violinist of our time," Obama said — also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom. So did Spielberg for films of "boundless imagination" that range from E.T. and Schindler's List to Saving Private Ryan.

Clearly the jew, the negro and the la-teen-oh are a dynamic force for good. I mean, look at all the awards! Also you're not kidding about "boundless imagination." Gas chambers with glass windows and wooden doors, blood fountains, color-coded smoke for different national origins, electric belts, a boy gassed unsuccessfully six times, bone-crushing machines, shrunken heads, deadly diesel submarines, lampshades and soap...yup, that jew can sure dream up some whoppers.

Medal recipients also included social activists like the late Billy Frank Jr., an advocate for tribal fishing rights. The late Minoru Yasui made legal challenges to curfews imposed on Japanese-Americans during World War II.

After "Best Jew Subversive" and "Magic Non-White with Rhythm and/or Child's Game Ability" it's time for the always exciting "Miscellaneous Cultural Destruction" category. 

"This is an extraordinary group," Obama said, one that demonstrates "what an incredible tapestry this country is."

Well, that or a pile of day-old unflushed shit in a clogged and overflowing gas station toilet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Modern Heretic will return with a new update on Monday.

Alien outsiders celebrate the destruction of a formerly healthy White nation.


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