New Orleans: 17 Shot at Negro Party

Detroit might have sunken to deeper content of their character created depths, but New Orleans will always have the dubious honor of being the American city that fully descended into African America first. We saw the criminality, the savages in the streets and a negro ball stadium, the collapse of any rule of law, the all against all, looting negro police officers and floating brown bodies. This was the chocolate city, a portion of the U.S.S.A. completely transformed into Dark Continent pathology. No lessons were learned, the corrupt leadership was rewarded for this spectacular failure and the evolutionary dead-ends certainly aren't getting any better. The time has come to honestly address the negro failure. The time has come for their removal.

Police in New Orleans searched on Monday for a motive and suspect or suspects in a shooting that wounded 17 people in a crowd of several hundred who had gathered for a weekend block party and music video filming.

Let us put on our deerstalker's caps and analyze possible motivations of this typical "African American" malfunction. Could it have been related to "muh dikk?" Was it tribal warfare? It will take time, lots of time, to sort through the unbelievable complexity of a failed race.

It was too soon to say whether there were multiple gunmen who opened fire Sunday evening at a playground in the city's Upper 9th Ward, said New Orleans Police Department spokesman Frank Robertson.

Those always dangerous "gunmen." Race erased, blame the gun, give up your rights so you can be "safe."

"We do believe that there was a group of individuals shooting at each other," Robertson said.

Well, yeah. It's not the like the guns jumped up on their own and started plugging simians. We can be relatively certain it was being held in a coal-colored paw.

The amazing "diversity" of Chocolate City street crime.

The discovery of an additional victim raised the number of wounded to 17, he said on Monday. The initial 16 people reported as injured suffered either a "direct gunshot wound" or a "graze wound" and had all been listed in stable condition.  

Fortunately the considerable genetic limitations of the jungle monster, such as knowing how to correctly hold and aim a firearm, turn a presidential dry-tears open shooter massacre to a mere Black Friday run on the emergency room. Don't worry, Whites will get the bill for repairing the living fossils.

A large crowd was gathered in the park at the time for an unpermitted block party and the impromptu filming of a music video, according to police. 

Unpermitted. That's hard to believe, knowing what a responsible citizen and good little democracy participant the average Future Rapper American is.

Two groups began shooting at each other and then immediately ran from the scene, witnesses told police.
Just another day in a dead nation. 

 You're doing a great job there brownie.


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