No to Back Way

The population of Africa is projected to quadruple by 2100, a demographic disaster made possible by the insane generosity of White do-gooders, the same Whites who now find themselves squarely in the cross-hairs of this flood of worthless sewage. After all, we can't expect a huge continent full of mineral wealth and rich farmland to house the triumphant return of Homo erectus, not when there's nice defenseless Europe, full of "racism" and oppression that the dark garbage can't seem to get enough of. Bend over, White homelands, here comes a burst septic tank of identical looking and behaving "diversity," presumably fleeing the war in Syria.

Just like other young men in the Gambian village of Sabaa, Ebrima Touray dreams one day of getting married.

Muh dikk.

First, though, he must prove himself as husband material - and these days, that involves a lot more than it did for his forefathers. 

Simply grabbing your crotch and mumbling "damm beech use gott dat juicey" may not be enough anymore according to leading experts on negro behavior.

No longer is it enough to have good looks and own a decent patch of farmland. Today Mr Touray, 23, is expected risk his life on what is known as "The Back Way" - the perilous 3,000 mile journey across the Sahara and the Mediterranean in search of work in Europe. 

In a twist worthy of a O. Henry short story it turns out Mr. Touray, 23, is going to pass on the ample coal-colored posteriors provided by his stone age village, leaving behind a hut crudely thatched together with sticks, mud and human waste to seek handouts and snow hoes in Europe.

 We want Sweden!

“I want to be able to support a family, and to do that, I have to go to Europe," he said, tending the modest watermelon plot that is his only source of income. 

Watermelon plot. LOL. Better hurry negro, before the "Syrian refugees" completely strip the flesh off the dead remains and you'll have to settle for the rotting viscera of a once homogeneous and healthy civilization, instead of the delicious tongue and eyes.

"Here in our community, if you do not go, you may not be able to even get a woman to marry. I must go - all my friends, those I used to play football with, are gone already.”

Super human negro athletes and their amazing football skills, Europe needs that if it's going to survive according to a withered jew. 

A glance at the village around him proves his point. Where was once a hamlet of thatched huts with spartan furnishings now boasts numerous homes with concrete walls, running water and tin roofs, some sporting satellite TV dishes.

It's like a cargo cult version of a civilized nation. 

Nearly all of it is paid for by remittances sent from locals now in Europe, with as many as 600 of Sabaa's 4,000 residents having tried "The Back Way", according to village elders.

Thanks for the money, White devil! Now to give it to you good and hard with "The Back Way," not to be confused with "The Down Low" which pretty much everyone in this village has tried.

Some succeed, some get deported, and some die en route. Yet no matter what the odds, today the expectation is that any young man worth his salt will give it a go. 

The dream of feckless White suckers keeps them going against all odds, we must make it to the "racist" hate  nations or die in the effort.

The scale of the exodus in villages like Sabaa demonstrates the challenges facing European leaders as they hold a major summit on Wednesday in the Maltese capital, Valletta, to discuss ways of dealing with the migrant crisis. 

Where heroic knights once fought the moon cult invasion now cuckolded "leaders" gather to discuss how Europe will lie down and die. "No more foreign invasion and the removal of existing alien elements" seems a fair and equitable solution.

While the spotlight in recent months has mainly on the influx of Syrians from the east, an estimated 80,000 of the passengers on trans-Mediterranean people smuggling boats since 2014 have been from sub-Saharan Africa.

Man, that Syrian war is everywhere! 

Away from the beach resorts, it has much the same grinding poverty as the rest of West Africa - and is also one of the last countries in the region to languish under the rule of an old-school African strongman, President Yahyah Jammeh, an army officer who staged a coup 21 years ago.

Sadly not every Gambian can be on the "White Wife Breeding Team" filling up the "milk bottles" of trashy United Kaliphate miscegenation tourists. Away from this debasement it's more typical African pathology, all against all and Heart of Darkness.

Hope and change.

Mr Jammeh, whose voodoo-infused personality cult draws comparisons to Haiti's Papa Doc Duvalier, first gained notoriety in 2007, when he claimed to have invented his own herbal cure for HIV.
African science and technology. In between the pyramid building and flying they have cured GRIDS with voodoo. 

In 2009, Amnesty International also claimed that his presidential guard had force fed hallucinogenic potions to an entire village of Gambians accused of using witchcraft against him. 

Just another ordinary day in a land where the 65 I.Q. negro is left to its own devices.

The exodus, though, is not just a worry for Europe. It is also a major concern for Gambia, where the departure of so many young men is now threatening the long-term future of numerous villages like Sabaa.

Who will gather the mud and sticks for home remodeling projects?

(C)rappers supporting a good cause?

For while some of those who take "The Back Way" come back again, many more settle permanently in Europe.

Yeah. Imagine that.

Exact figures for how many Gambians have left their homeland are hard to come by, not least because it is a touchy subject for Mr Jammeh.

It's also a touchy subject for me as a White man who doesn't want to see my ancestral homelands destroyed by a plague of two-legged locusts. 

Meeting Gambian youngsters in a farming town recently, he reportedly flew into a rage at the huge show of hands when he asked if any would take "The Back Way" if given the chance. He is said to have told them: “May your souls rest in peace in the Mediterranean Sea in advance". 

Mr. Jammeh, the voodoo magician, has more sanity than most European presidents. 

Earlier this year, the US embassy in the Gambian capital, sponsored local musicians to star in a music video aimed at local youngsters called "Say No to The Back Way".

Can (c)rap music turn back the tide of White genocide and keep the negro in their own self-constructed misery? I was able to obtain, at great personal risk, a sample of this vibrant anti-immigration music.

Yo, I be livin' in a hut of shit and stick
Ain't no hoe want muh dikk
Workin' in a patch aw melons
Muh football homies in Europe be felons
I be lookin at dat back way
Every nigga in dis village down low gay

Our king bee a voodoo docter
Want get snow hoe, play premier league soccer
Got an I.Q. like da tem-pat-ture on a spring day
An I bee all bout dat back way
But now I bee swallowin' wadder
Aw sheeet, help me allah
Goin' under havin' a fit
The end ree-sult look like whale shit

Say no to dat back way 
Whites shouldn't have to pay
White genocide be wack 
Get dat jenkem take me back

Word to the The Mother.

Exorcising the immigration demons.


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