The Pain Turned to Rain

There are consequences for taking a living fossil, a reminder of the primitive and savage past, and placing it in a complex and technological society. Suffice it to say, a failed branch of humanity that naturally reverts to a primitive, superstitious and violent all against all when left to its own devices does not perform well when confronted with the staggering achievements of White civilization. Once they realize this civilization is there to loot because its guardians have abandoned their posts for fear of being called nasty names the levels of pathology created by the genetic aliens are almost unbelievable. Child shot in tribal warfare? It's time to get dat bling from the White do-gooding sucker and then act indignant after being caught in this pathetic con game.

The father of a nine-year-old Chicago boy executed in an apparent revenge attack started selling 'RIP t-shirts' with his son's face on them online just days after the killing.

This must be that negro entrepreneurship we keep paying taxes to promote. A coal-colored Horatio Alger story as a criminal monster slaps the face of the dead r-strategy bastard on some Chinese material. Proudly wear your love for dead negroes on your chest, White sleepwalker! The money goes to good causes like little white rocks.

 You'll want to spend extra for the classier "dead negro face on both shoulders" deluxe model.

The shirts, which were available through a GoFundMe that was recently deactivated, were put up as it was revealed the boy's mother used donations meant for her son's burial to buy a new car.

And what prize do we have for the welfare mother? A NEW CAR!!!!

Tyshawn Lee, an elementary school student headed to his grandmother's house

We don't know if he was preaching the word of Christ or too gentle for sports, but it seems a safe assumption.

was 'lured' from a park into a South Side neighborhood alley and shot in the head and back last Monday in what police say was an 'absolutely hateful' killing motivated by his father’s alleged gang affiliations.

The negro anti-soul, the content of their character. Please tell me this appalling example of their incompatibility with civilized nations will at least end in some bling for the absent father and apathetic mother.

The White man on the right suddenly realizes the "races" were right about everything.

I understand the mother of my son did wrong by that money but what the news is not telling, that they are only paying for half the cost of everything,' Stokes, writing under the alias Wooh Gotti, posted online. 

Wooh Gotti, the raw material for a healthy representative government. I'm not sure what this child demon is trying to say exactly, my negro-to-English translator is in the shop after I lent it to a friend to use during Africa Ball interviews.

On Saturday night, Karla Lee denied reports that she used the funds meant for funeral expenses to make a down payment on a 2015 Chrysler 200.

I dindu nuffin. *drives off in the negro-richmobile.*

She said on Saturday: 'Y'all don't know nothing about me.'

The complexities of a 70 I.Q. natural history museum escapee. Complex only in its simplicity, an evolutionary dead-end that contributes nothing but pathology and rot. The jew brought it here in chains and then turned it loose. Both the animal and the kosher zookeeper need to be removed.

Received its bastard child pay in a lump sum rather than the usual annuity payments.

'For y'all to be bashing me like that, and I just lost my child.'

Dat sheet mean less chedda off dat got damm wel-fair chek, dis bee a trag-dee.

The grieving mother said she used her own money on the car and that she purchased it because she was scared she would be targeted while taking the bus or walking. 

And by "own money" we mean cash extracted directly from working Whites, but try not to think about that as this piece of negro garbage turns its own considerable failings into endless free gifts from a race it hates.

'Too bad if y'all don't understand that.'

Yeah, too bad indeed. After all, what are you going to do about it? Nothing, right? Did I mention there was Africa Ball on the electronic synagogue? 

Lee said that there is still $13,000 remaining in the fundraising account after GoFundMe took its percentage fee and she paid for some of the expenses for the funeral that will take place on Tuesday.
Well, that's a relief. At least this pickaninny won't seep into the groundwater. 

Earlier this week, police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Tyshawn's slaying was the result of two gangs fighting, potentially in a string of retaliatory events dating back months. 

Must be midnight because the broken clock is accurate.

He also said the boy's father wasn't cooperating with police.

LOL, stop snitchin' dawg.

McCarthy called it probably the 'most abhorrent, cowardly unfathomable crime that I've witnessed in 35 years of policing.'

For the negro it was just another ordinary day in the Chicongo jungle and then the chance to run a scam on swipple dupes.

At least $35,000 is being offered for information leading to charges in connection with the boy's death.

Great news if the sperm donor decides to, you know, cooperate with the "no arrests were made" investigation a little. It could mean another car!

'We have gone to a new low that's removed what used to be some codes, some barriers, some lines that used to be drawn in the community, some things in our city that were not acceptable.' 

When the Whites are gone this is what will remain. Endless night, humanoids preying on each other, no future and no hope for one. This is why we resist.

Another "worst crime ever" for the memory hole.


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