They Died for Nothing

The United States military, the American golem that fights for the interests of a tiny, virulent alien minority, is about 75% White. The special forces are even more monolithic in their make-up. This is a constant national embarrassment in an age where "White Man Bad" is the closest thing to a national vision and fewer Whites in everything one of the few remaining virtues, along with sodomy and worship of Israel. Suffice it to say efforts to bring in women that cry at the first sign of trouble and can't even bench press the bar, shiftless and dangerous negroes, natural conservative foreign invaders and sodomite mental defectives ends in pathetic failure and it's up to America's shrinking White male population to die for the jew in foreign lands.

You would think there would at least be some degree of gratitude, but again "White Man Bad." So let's celebrate the Armistice by saluting the mythical brown heroes of our armed forces and erasing Whites.

Goodbye America.

It would be hard to create a more dishonest and insulting representation of the brave defenders of jewish interests if you started with that as your stated goal. The kosher propaganda is about as ham-handed as it can get (No Aleutian Islander or muslim transsexual in full burqa? Did they run out of room?) in keeping with the marxist tradition of humiliating the shkotzim rather than try to convince them that White Genocide is actually good for us, somehow. This image is a jewish middle finger extended at veterans and Whites in general. 

Let's get past the initial rush of visceral disgust and break this turd down. On the far left we have the elderly White, the hero that fought the nawrtzees and saved the world from a nightmare of homogeneous societies, racial self-determination and national pride. He's vanishing into the background, soon to die and be forgotten, not even a useful idiot any more. He fought for nothing, his legacy can be seen in the federal reserve chosen, the perverted freaks attacking the shrinking number of normal Americans, the burning cities and rioting negro scum, the foreign invasion that we won't lift a finger to stop and it would be wrong anyway. Now to fade away, forgotten and hated as a symbol of old "races" America, a man who gave his life to the disastrous jewish century and is now tossed aside. Goodbye and thanks for the decades of communism.

Thanks for everything.

Next up we have the smiling dyke, full of blissful ignorance, while Top Gun negro stares at her with lecherous intent, perhaps contemplating some "corrective rape" on this snow hoe or possibly recruiting her for an on-base brothel. She's oblivious to this threat and indeed any threat at all. After all jewish feminism and her perverse plastic object sex habits should be sufficient protection against moe-ham-head and the predatory negro monsters she's serving with.

Dead center we have the natural conservative that came here for a better life and now fights for any cause that isn't our open southern border or is in any way at odds with Israel. See, you "races," the la-teen-oh is out risking its life to protect our Africa Ball, gay bar glory holes, jewish sitcoms and poison food. Aren't you grateful? We definitely need 40 million or so more and besides we couldn't possibly deport them, ask any cuckservative.

Our may-hee-can veterans.

What's either a White man or a low-effort Asian waves goodbye. See you later White Man! We'll be sure to keep everything running nice and smoothly when you've been exterminated because we all know race doesn't exist and is super important in everything and negroes are just sun-tanned Whites but also persecuted and hey, did you die for the jew yet? 

Then to wrap-up this shit sandwich we get more dykes, this time coal black and mystery meat. The negro is in front, of course, because all animals are equal but some much more so. And there you have it, sincere thanks from a merciless enemy that wants every last White violently dead. Enjoy the lack of mail, fly your striped negro toilet paper, shed big tears for the tar-colored heroes. So proud to be a murr-kwan where at least I know I'm free. 


  1. When I saw this google shite today I had the same reaction as you did, only I didn't take it apart with such withering truth. It disgusted me, and I hope it disgusts every white man in this country to get back up on top and destroy the fuckers that are destroying this country.

  2. World War 3, prosecuted in new devious jew ways, is well underway; especially in Europe, as usual. Nationalist patriots there are mounting a resistance.
    It's long past time that we here in ZOG ruled BRA mis-administered USA start acting like we're at war...with EVERYTHING that implies.


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