Vibrant Multi-Cultural Society Stands Strong

Please watch the following video.

France has surrendered. In sixteen pathetic seconds we see the death rattle of a dying nation, the last pitiful gasps of "tolerance" and "serving your own stomach and genitals is the highest good, never mind that you're being displaced in your own homeland." Proud French, triumphing over "terror," which by the way is often done by White Christians you "races," scatter like quail. Every man for himself, all against all, the day when the courage of Whites fails, when the Men of the West forsake their friends and die alone and terrified. A meaningless memorial, a pile of garbage on the ground, trampled underfoot. Whatever it was supposed to represent forgotten in the mad dash to escape the coming dark nightmare.

Run France! Run for your lives! Certainly your kosher criminal government that wants you dead will come to your rescue. With this sad game of candle foot the multi-cult fails, the lies we were fed collapse, whatever illusions we were sold about a salad bowl society fall away to reveal the laughing death's head beneath. What remains of White Europe stands at the converging roads, one road well-paved and traveled leading to White Genocide and complete disaster, the other a lonesome and rocky trail that will eventually lead to the restoration of the West, if we have the courage to walk it. Choose carefully.

A nation is not a flag, it's not an invisible line on a map, it's not ethnic food and vibrant music, it certainly isn't a pile of shit on the ground for the latest War on Whites victims. It's shared genetics, culture and religion. It's a national vision that unifies, not pitiful "The invaders will stop killing their benefactors and maybe even show a modicum of gratitude" bleating that we heard from the bastards running France into the ground. The mess that is El-France is not a nation, it's a roiling jewish sea of pathology, violence, hedonism and spiritual cancer. It is a polite and well-washed tyranny that will soon completely collapse into moe-ham-head pathology and open tribal warfare. Based on the one hundred meter dash, the next event in the national suicide decathlon, seen above, there's little cause for optimism.

Maybe bomb Syria, that will make it all better, right? My house is full of rats, better go kick over a nest of them ten miles away. This is logical. Most of the moe-ham-heads are good people, just ask any nation-wrecker. Europe must be flooded, but hey, how about a diversionary war that benefits Israel? Let's put a boot in their ass, yee-haw. Why do we keep falling for these obvious kosher cons? Also, get ready for more "women and children" fleeing "French bombs," but you knew that already.

We tried to warn you, tried to talk you down from national suicide. The facts weren't interesting, not compared to the Africa Ball, and you didn't want to offend the jew parasite within the body politic that hates you. Six million went up a chimney you awful nawrtzee. You called us made-up names, pointed toward your careerism and materialism as if that somehow redeemed your spiritual leprosy. Now the "races" is fully vindicated, but it's the usual cold comfort. You only had to listen. Now you die. R.I.P. France.


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