White Beauty vs. Negro Ugliness

What makes up the black lives that matter so much? First the evolutionary dead-end survives being murdered in the womb and is born into a bastard brood funded by the White tax-paying sucker. If the living fossil survives "worst crime ever" gang reprisals and public school gladiator training it will then go on to its own path of welfare addiction and moronic criminality. The negro randomly wanders around, looking for objects to eat, smoke or fornicate with. If none of those are possible, it's time to ruin it. These are your equals.

At some point, usually right before the police bullets make it more aerodynamic, the alien monster prepares to turn its life around, go to college, become a brain surgeon, grain pyramid engineer or rapper. This amazing redemption plan is generally expressed by attacking a Hindu in furtherance of theft, walking down the center of a street and meeting a bloody end at the hands of the five-oh. Those that never turn around that life simply settle into a lifetime of dependency, idiocy and sickening pathology. These lives matter, much more than yours you White devil.

One young student at Georgia Southern University (GSU) is learning the consequences for publicly criticizing the racially-charged protests at the University of Missouri after being fired from her job and having a number of her fellow classmates demand her expulsion. 

What part of "all animals are equal, some much more so" don't you understand? A beautiful White woman questioned the communist ugliness, the two-legged bowel movements that are above all criticism. The cultural marxist system swings into action as "powerless" and "oppressed" tar people do their best to destroy her life, with plenty of help from that friendly merchant who always seems to be behind the societal decay and chaos.

Emily Faz, a senior at the public university, shared a November 14 Washington Times article on Monday that reported on how some Mizzou protesters and Black Lives Matter activists were upset that the Paris attacks were stealing the media spotlight.

The mind and anti-soul of the "educated" shit monster. The suicide of Europe distracted everyone from their pathetic little temper tantrum. "Everything be racist" is forced to take a back seat to France's self-destructive generosity literally exploding in their face. "Pay 'tention to meeeeeee!!!!!" shrieks the worthless failed branch of humanity as the dead kuffirs are laid to rest and Whites begin to wonder what sort of horrific future awaits if we don't wake up immediately.

Faz wrote above the link, “I swear if I see this B.S. at Southern I will make you regret even knowing what a movement or a hashtag is, and you’ll walk away with your tail tucked.”

This White woman has more courage and decency than almost every White male in the U.S.S.A. We should be ashamed.

Beautiful inside and out.

She continued on to say, “The whole black lives matter movement is misguided and out of hand. Maybe no one likes or takes y’all seriously because no one can see past your egotistical bullshit."

Whites are waking up. Nationalism and populism are dominating in the polls. The jew communist is scared. 

According to the WJCL 22, that post soon went viral at the GSU campus and infuriated some African-American students who took the post as a threat. Responses to Faz’s opinion on Twitter were fierce.

Communism means worship of death, decay and ugliness. An attractive and spiritually healthy White woman is their worst nightmare, the image they want destroyed more than anything. The mask of "tolerance" slips off revealing the strident jewish evil beneath. It was never about "equality," it was always about hate-filled jealousy directed against Whites. If they can't debase us with kosher feminism, materialism, nihilism, jew pornography and the guilt cult the attacks become much more direct.

The GSU NAACP staged a “Black Out, Walk Out” on Tuesday in response to Faz’s post and issued demands to the school. 

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Homo erectus.

“I think it’s important to know the difference between freedom of speech and a threat, and it seems like when it comes from a white student at this school, that sometimes the line is being blurred because of who it comes from,” KeyAnna Tate, a participant in the walk out, told the Statesboro Herald.  

Muh democracy, the mush-mind of the "educated" stone age leftover. When you're White everything you say is a threat is what I gather from this word salad. Indeed, our very existence provokes the lower races. They hate White beauty, they hate White nobility, they hate White intelligence and creativity. Maggots crawling on the dead remains of our university system scream about the "Butterfly privilege."

Some of these student activists called for Faz to be expelled and the school president, Jean Bartels, issued a statement on the matter and acknowledged the numerous calls for disciplinary action to be taken against the offending co-ed. 

Punish the thought crime! Send her to a gulag!

Bartels appeared to conclude Faz’s post was protected by the First Amendment and could not result in punishment.

Wow, that's very White of you.

However, the young student appears to have lost her job at the local Wild Wing Cafe franchise over the controversy, according to Everything Georgia. Some activists had urged supporters to call the restaurant about Faz prior to her dismissal.

The price of resistance. It's only going to go up. I hope all of you have counted the cost and are prepared to pay it.

Full Story.

The jew behind the zoo.


  1. "The inferior races hate the White race precisely because of its superiority. It is galling to the lower races to be reminded of their inferiority, and White superiority instills in them a burning desire to tear down whites and their creations in order to make themselves whites' 'equal'.

    This is not all, however, for tearing down whites removes a burr from their consciousness -- that of being reminded of their inferiority -- and indeed is an act of revenge for such reminding. Accordingly, when Whites are so stupid as to treat the lower races as equals, this but whets the appetite of those races to see Whites destroyed, for they see vulnerability in this stupidity, and thus an opportunity for inserting their grappling hooks into the edifice of White civilization." -- JBR Yant, Mortal Words


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