2000 "Teens" Put Mall on Tilt

The negro should be able to clear the unbelievably low bar of acceptable behavior in a dead nation any day now, we just need to keep paying, groveling, making excuses, reducing the number of Whites in everything, lying, ignoring reality, bleeding and dying. The genetic alien is getting better, honest, if you're prepared to turn a blind eye on the occasional two thousand negro content of character display and why wouldn't you be? You want to keep that materialism going, right? Sure, they're violent animals that see every kindness as a weakness, but on the other hand there's Africa Ball on the talmudvision and jewish porn on the computer. Everything's fine.

The Mall St. Matthews reopened Sunday with extra security after it closed early Saturday night following ‘multiple disturbances’, according to police. 

If you live in the U.S.S.A. you've probably grown accustomed to the "disturbances" that occur with clockwork regularity among the members of a failed race full of foreign genetic material and no future time orientation.

More than 50 officers from four different agencies worked to defuse thousands of young people who they say wreaked havoc on the mall.

Those crazy "young people" and their wacky pranks. You were young once and participated in massive and senseless bongo parties too, right? Boys will be boys, random incident, no arrests, keep staring into the jew cube.

"We need more units over here by the Cinemark – help, we need help. It’s just us and three take down officers, we need people over here,” an officer said via dispatch.

A glimpse of the coming collapse if our enemies have their way. A handful of Whites alone against a mindless and savage brown horde. We need people over here. White people Not animals, not g*d's favorites, not la-teen-oh sludge.

We need help.

Officer Dennis McDonald with St. Matthews Police said there were up to 2,000 unsupervised teens at the mall and most who were there to shop, eat and attend the movies.

Let's avoid discussing the racial component of this ridiculous major malfunction. I'm sure it's fooling a lot of people.

Officers reported numerous fights, kids running through the mall and through stores. The Mall St. Matthews began closing their doors around 8:45 p.m. and police had the situation under control around 9:30 p.m.

I bet more education spending and jailing Whites for speech crime would solve this.

There were no arrests but say minor injuries were reported after people fell while running from the chaos.

No arrests were made. Hundreds of negroes going ape and there's not even a single new pair of brown paws on bar-holding detail. The rule of law vanishes, the chaotic law of the jungle replaces it.

Our healthy multicultural salad plate.

In response to people frustrated that there were no arrests or citations, McDonald reiterates that all their efforts were focused on restoring the peace and preventing innocents people and officer injuries.

90 I.Q. police protect themselves and the friendly merchant's valuable merchandise. Don't expect any help. You need to be armed.

Had they witnessed people committing felonies or brandishing a weapon they may have acted differently but they chose to "pick their battles" focusing their resources on restoring and deescalating. 

Selective enforcement of laws based on convenience and fear of being labeled "races." This is the exciting new frontier of law enforcement, along with lowered standards and massive, appalling corruption.

"Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor," McDonald said. 

Sometimes cowardice is a lot easier than making a stand. Actually, it always is. Oh well, here's your salary from the tax payer. Great job Officer Shithead.

Police said Saturday they believe social media played a role in some of the incidents but are investigating further.

Yeah. That and a 70 I.Q., reduced frontal lobes, mystery DNA belonging to some long dead primitive hominid, poor impulse control, etc. But please, blame that blue bird or whatever.

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