2015 Year in Review

Another year is done, a year of endless kosher assaults on White interests, a year of the appallingly horrible content of their character, a year of unarmed invasion by "women and children" and, incredibly, a year offering us optimism for the future. The war against White genocide, globalism, zionism, new world order and the death of the West is finally being joined and even at this late hour it may still be possible to hold back the tides of darkness. Difficult times are coming, but in them lies the opportunity to reclaim what was lost, something never available during the years of apathetic materialism and clutching at the delusion that things would fix themselves on their own. Let there be trouble in my time, so my White children can know peace.

The following twelve stories are representative of the last 365 days and are worth another look.

Negress Rapper to Use Witchcraft Against Whites

While the dark simian was pounding a drum to try to conjure a demon, we were discovering God's design for the natural world. While the negro was enslaving its fellow animal and selling it to jew slavers Whites were exploring the world and building nations out of untamed wilderness. While the negro wallowed in a sewer of its own creation, we walked on the Moon. There's no goofy voodoo when it comes to being White, only the manifest truth of our superiority.

The Stubborn Achievement Gap

"The lowered standards seem to be helping, but reality is so stubborn. Make it go away, it hurts my feelings."

The Wrong Stuff: Air Force Chases "Diversity"

Exciting new ideas like "Me flyee dee plane, I theeenk," "Killing chill-ren wit deez drones be dope, yo" and "Dykes in Kites" are sure to fix the problem of too much White male competency.  


Suffice it to say, the "Great Uniter" proved anything but. Our "yella" president encouraged violence against Whites, supported negro criminals, talked in a goofy Taco Bell dog accent while pandering to la-teen-ohs and generally behaved like a tribal chieftain. We had committed national suicide in the name of good feelings and misplaced altruism.  

Negro Privilege

We support a failed race, give them special rights and endless "cash money" gibs me dats and there is no discernible improvement in their predictable behavior. The time for a half-slave (White tax payers) and half-free (negro tax suckers) country must end. We need our own White nation where the burden of this failed race and the jew that unleashed them can be removed. We need a White homeland.  

Remembering Pat Mahaney

He didn't dream of hundreds of gentile slaves, he didn't expect hand-outs or appeasement because of crimes committed against his long-dead ancestors by other long-dead people, he didn't expect gifts and rewards for breaking the law. He worked in a factory, but lost his job so a few rich bastards could become slightly richer. He was looking for work. He ran into a pack of negroes

Cuckservative, Inc.

There is one man I have to warn you about: Donald Trump. He's bad. He's a clown and a jackass. A dumb-dumb. Sorry to use that street language, but I really think he's trouble. Way too extreme with those views and also offering gold-plated amnesty! We just don't need this divisive rhetoric on the eve of our greatest victory. To prove I'm right I'm challenging the Don to a push-up contest!  

The Jew Funding the Zoo

The jew. The tiny minority that has us surrounded on all sides, the demonic evil that tirelessly works behind the scenes to fund the rot. The traveling merchant with no home or loyalty to anything but its tribe, the parasite that attaches itself to healthy nations, the coward that fights its War on Whites with money, the talmudvision and dark monsters.

"Gun Selfie" Ends Negro

Better test that theory by pointing it at my throat and pulling the trigger.

Africa Ball Fans are Cuckolds  

Ostensibly awake Whites excited about the SEC (Systematically Excluding Caucasians) or the Negro Felon League, starring glassy eyed into the talmudvision, rooting for the missing link between ape and man to score the big "tug."

They Died for Nothing  

He fought for nothing, his legacy can be seen in the federal reserve chosen, the perverted freaks attacking the shrinking number of normal Americans, the burning cities and rioting negro scum, the foreign invasion that we won't lift a finger to stop and it would be wrong anyway. Now to fade away, forgotten and hated as a symbol of old "races" America, a man who gave his life to the disastrous jewish century and is now tossed aside. Goodbye and thanks for the decades of communism.

The Actual Enemy

Just think of it goy, you'll be able to proudly tell your brown adopted grandchildren that you stood up at a historical moment and supported the destruction of your homeland and your own dispossession and annihilation. Won't you swell with pride as whatever hatched from the alien cuckoo eggs looks at you with sullen resentment because you're White and as such need to die? 


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