Assuming White Supremacy

For the vast majority of students "college," or the communist indoctrination center as it's more commonly called, serves no purpose other than generating kosher debt and insuring an unemployable generation of right-thinking human derelicts. "White man bad" speeches are not preparing a young person to enter an increasingly anti-White workforce. Deep feelings of self-loathing instilled by a marxist professor are not going to help build a family or find a place in the community. All of this is intentional. The hope is to create atomized and rootless Whites that will vote for their own destruction, that will pay large amounts of geld to be blamed for the genetically determined failure of the lower races. Soon a simple racial head-count will be sufficient for our enemies to get their way in muh democracy, but until then the propaganda must continue.

A professor at Calvin College in Michigan wrote a column accusing his students and fellow faculty members of being white supremacists for failing to accept the notion of “white privilege.”

Another Calvin College snob. I'm sure there's plenty of goose-stepping "supremacists" at this tiny JUDEO-christian cow college. Then again, anything other than happily embracing your own destruction makes you a "races" so this just might fit in with the new semitic "words don't actually have any meaning other than slurs to call our enemies" academic rigor.

The professor also says Calvin College itself and the entire state of Michigan only exist because of said white privilege.

He's right. Without "White privilege," defined as our superior intelligence, creativity, beauty, toughness and vision there would be nothing there but wasteland. Taming the wilderness and building civilization from nothing, that's somehow an unearned giveaway in the pea brain of this careerist shithead. "You built a beautiful mansion and now you get to live in it! And you won't let me in! Privilege! 'Racism!' Six million in a gas oven!"

The state of Michigan is "races!" I'm not insane, I've got a degree!

In late November, Calvin College endured a small scandal when swastikas and the words “white power” were found written on several cars using snow.

Hey rabbi, watcha doin' with that snow???

Two students confessed to the deed, but their names, motivations and punishments haven’t been revealed, leaving open the possibility the stunt was a hoax or a poorly conceived prank rather than an act of hate.

Yeah, imagine that. Low effort phony "hate crime" falls to pieces, again. If this was real the panty-raiding prankers would be the Two Minutes Hate subject for at least a day or two, so all that remains is another pathetic hoax. The important thing is it could have happened, right?

But according to Joseph Kuilema, a professor in social work, the swastika incident is only one tiny part of the much greater problem of white privilege.

Negroes putting snow on "whips," how does this "intersect" with "critical Whiteness."

Please don't reveal the amazing twist ending where the author's real background is revealed.

“What occurred was not an isolated incident, a freak occurrence in an otherwise loving and inclusive community,” Kuilema says in a column last Friday in Calvin’s school paper.  

Must be an isolated incident. Snow removal gone wrong. Good kids, turning life around. 

“While few members of this community openly espouse white supremacy, many members of our community continue to deny white privilege. It must be clearly stated that those who deny white privilege functionally believe in white supremacy, whether they have the courage to write it on a car or not.”

It's very clear to me that witchcraft, black magic and devil worship are taking place in this Puritan community and anyone who denies it must be one the malefactors, whether they have the courage to ruin crops or attack people in spectral form or not. 

Kuilema goes on to say both Calvin College and the entire state of Michigan are products of white privilege and white supremacy.

We're still not at a point where we can pretend moe-ham-head, Laquisha and Pedro built our nation, but be patient we're getting there.

Every. Single. Time.

“The land on which Calvin College sits was stolen from what our own Declaration of Independence termed ‘the merciless Indian savages’ by the Treaty of Chicago in 1821 … Calvin College would not exist without racism.”

We ran a few dangerous squatters off completely undeveloped land and then built it up from nothing. Sound like more of that "racism" we're always hearing about.

Kuilema also expresses distress over a recent statement from college president Michael K. Le Roy, who stated all people are racist in some way.

Well, that's refreshing. Maybe I misjudged comrade professor.

But Kuilema says that’s not the case, as only white people can be racist in America.

Oh. I see.

“I, Joseph Kuilema, am certainly a racist,” he writes. “As a white male, I benefit tremendously from institutions and systems that have been built by and for people like me. This is how the social sciences define racism, not as merely the product of prejudice, explicit or implicit bias, but a system of power based on the invention of the ‘white race’ by people in power.”

Look at this, an entire paragraph made up of bizarre word salad. Pay big money for that scrap of jewish toilet paper, White person! You, too, will be able to confidently discuss "implicit bias" and "inventing the White race" with your fellow debt victims.

“If, as a white person, you refuse to acknowledge [white] privilege, you are asserting that the game of life in America is inherently meritocratic, that it is a fair game, that those who try hardest win,” he says, before claiming this is obviously false due to phenomena such as white families having higher average wealth and and blacks having a higher incarceration rate.

And we all know the negro is just a sun-tanned White so it must be false! Alien genetics? I.Q. average a full standard deviation lower? Underdeveloped frontal lobes? No, it was "racism." You can't even give this mush the benefit of the doubt and call it simple ignorance anymore. This is depraved lunacy from a criminal scumbag.

Not a fair game.

“As a white person, you can choose to believe the game is fair,” he continues. “You can choose to believe that you have no privilege. You can see what happened on November 22 as the splinter in the eye of two misguided students. But if you do so, you ignore the plank. If the game is fair you are assuming that white people are simply better at it … You are assuming white supremacy.”

Well, yeah. My eyes aren't lying to me. 

Our equals.


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