"Clunky Langauge" Sinks Michigan State Senator

Success in today's U.S.S.A. for people without any color is becoming increasingly difficult. The elaborate mental contortions required are exhausting and even the most dedicated cuckservative or pretend marxist can suffer moments of weakness in the face of the steaming pile of rotten lies they will be expected to parrot. It would be easiest to somehow convince yourself that this kosher trash heap is in fact true, to learn to love Big jew, but stupid old reality has a way of making this extremely difficult, especially now as necrosis devours our dead body politic. This leaves only double-think, the "American look," and outright betrayal of the truth. Swallow your words, silence those crime thoughts, you want to keep getting whatever crumbs fall off the semitic plate, don't you?

It isn't easy and sometimes they break. Then it's time to point fingers and scream "races," time for show trials and coerced confessions, time to unperson the thought criminals. This is a free and democratic society, a vibrant salad bowl and "hodgepodge" of "folks," a decaying cadaver inhabiting every manner of maggot.

Michigan state Senator Marty Knollenberg, accused of making "racist" comments in a committee hearing last week, apologized Monday for what he called a "clunky" choice of words.

Heretical comments were made against the State Religion, against the holy mother synagogue. Time to break the offender on the wheel, force out the pathetic apology and dispose of whatever is left. Calling your blasphemy "clunky" is not going to get it. Get on your face before the negro idol, cry and rend your clothes. Say you love the brown alien. Say it!

Senator Corky got too uppity.

The Troy Republican sits on the Senate Education Committee, which heard testimony on Thursday from Natasha Baker of the State School Reform Office, which is tasked with turning around the state's worst-performing schools.

Being forced to listen to endless "we bee neeesin' mo' chedda, mudda fudda" and "yew wite beee dah debil" from some worthless sinecure negro finally caused this empty suit to snap. Spend more money on a failed race of genetic aliens, I'm sure it will work this time. 

"You mention why these schools fail, you mention, you know, the economically disadvantaged, and you know, the non-white population are contributors to that," Knollenberg said.

Naming the negro failure, noticing the obvious. Not recommended if you want to keep making shekels in a dead nation.

"And you know, we can't fix that. We can't make an African American white. That's just -- it is what it is."
Over fifty years of endless wasted money, shed blood and groveling negro appeasement failed spectacularly. They're not sun-tanned Whites. We're not going to alchemize them into low quality Whites. The negro is what it is. It needs to be removed from White nations.

Knollenberg went on to ask Baker whether the reform office has had any success turning in turning around struggling schools, saying the goal should be to improve them all. 

LOL. Have you actually done anything of substance in your make-work job you useless negress? I think we all know the answer. 

We bee gettin' dat larn on.

"What Sen. Knollenberg said about kids in struggling schools is racist and is a major step backwards in improving education for our children," David Hecker, president of the American Federation of Teachers Michigan, said in a statement.

Big jew swings into action. Oy, the "racism" against our precious schwoogies that they're using as a biological weapon against Whites. Noticing reality is a major step backwards. Next you'll be openly questioning the White Genocide currently being waged by g*d's special people. 

"If a child is struggling academically, it is not because of a problem inherent to their race or ethnicity."

We all know intelligence isn't a heritable trait and that all races are exactly the same and all animals are equal but some much more so, like the Light of the World. Flat Earth thinking from a jew nation-wrecker, in 2015. Wow, just wow.

"Genetics aren't real!" claims jew bastard.

House Minority Leader Tim Greimel, D-Auburn, said he was "disappointed" by Knollenberg's "racially insensitive comments" and hopes it can be a teaching moment that helps Knollenberg "get a better grasp of what challenges school districts face by a diverse array of students across the state."

What could be more "diverse" than a coal-black Detroit classroom full of eeking and ooking living fossils, future rappers, good boys about to turn that life around and future welfare leeches. Shame on you for being "insensitive" while our cities burn. 

Knollenberg, in a Monday morning radio interview on "Michigan's Big Show" in Lansing, apologized for a "clunky choice of words, unfortunately, that I had made."

"I plotted to murder comrade Stalin and deserve the harshest possible punishment."

The real issue is that the state has failing schools that must do a better job meeting the needs of their kids, Knollenberg suggested, noting that he is hard of hearing but got the help he needed from his childhood district.

Back in the dark, back to muttering kosher platitudes bereft of any truth. Did I mention I have bad ears? Please have mercy on me, I'm a "minority" too!

"Certainly, given the context we were talking about, the issue in committee, if people had actually stood in that committee or, believe me, viewed the tape from start to finish, I think it would have been clear, but at the same time I certainly could have articulated better, and I apologize for that."

I suppose this counts as winning that victory over yourself. 

The State School Reform Office is making progress in some areas, she told Knollenberg, but struggling schools face a number of unique challenges.

We now lead the nation in average classroom volume, accurately pointing out "yellas" and desktop rapping. "Muh dikk, it be hella thick" followed by grinding noises. Progress.

Low-income students tend to live in single-parent and under-educated households, she said, and those kids often end up in struggling schools through no fault of their own. 

Negro failure is always the fault of someone else, usually the Whites funding the endless pathology.

"But if a child — regardless of who their parents are, regardless of their economic status — enters a system with structure, that can propel them forward. The structures that manage what they've mastered, what they need, what interventions they need, what supports. We can circumvent that process early and propel kids forward." 

 Managing what they've mastered.

The interventions they need.


  1. "And you know, we can't fix that. We can't make an African American white. That's just -- it is what it is."

    No shit Dick Tracy. 50+ years of programs, trillions of dollars, and constant negro appeasement have failed to turn the hominids into even something resembling the dimmest white person.

    "But if a child — regardless of who their parents are, regardless of their economic status — enters a system with structure, that can propel them forward."

    Not even a solid rocket booster can propel the negro forward. A creature from the past living in the present. Not able to grow and prosper in a first world society. It only knows how to destroy that which it cannot understand. Segregation is the only answer. Just don't get caught noticing that fact.


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