Cucktianity: Forgive Us For Being White

Faced with an unprecedented existential and spiritual crisis Whites are offered a false choice between sinking into the jewish swamp of fetid soul poison and meekly surrendering to the prevailing satanic evil or attempting to resist by turning to traditions that, for the most part, have also been thoroughly corrupted by our enemy. The JUDEO-christian church is now the source of some the most sickening kosher well-poison, arguably worse than semitic creations like feminism, pornography, sports idolatry and materialism which at least have the common courtesy to present themselves as the debased evil that they are. Meanwhile, the false church, the synagogue of satan, wraps itself in imaginary virtue while preaching White genocide and the destruction of our homelands.

A white Chicago pastor, Daniel Hill, offered up a prayer of repentance for fellow members of his white community, saying the Caucasian race has treated blacks poorly and requires forgiveness from God.   

Pray to your tar-colored idol, vanishing Chicago Whites! Buy an indulgence by paying into your own dispossession and destruction. Sit in your pew while this traitor bends his scrawny neck and talks to his hands, petitioning for your death. Cry louder, maybe the negro is sleeping and can't hear you. Call good evil and evil good.

Effeminate White coward prays for our genocide.

As Mediaite reported, the senior pastor of River City Community Church said he wanted to “confess on behalf of my white brothers and sisters” for what he characterized as the systematic devaluation of black lives.

Please forgive us g*d for removing the living fossil from the African all against all on the jew slave ship, for attempting to teach it civilization, for over fifty years of paying in money and blood in a failed attempt to turn them into cut-rate Whites, for continuing to make excuses and ignore reality, even as the negro failure is paint-brushing us across the face with burning cities, drugged up and violent "teens," and the undeclared one-sided race war. Amen? 

He then said: “We repent of the violent acts done in the name of racism. We repent of the apathy that has caused so many of us to sit on the sidelines.”

Over half a century of groveling negro appeasement and here's the big payoff. Scourge your back with the cruel barbs of "diversity," bleed out your original White sins. Remember all the sacrifices you made? Well, they don't count for a pile of shit and more needs to be done. Much more. You need to die.

The coming dark future or today's pitiful surrender?

Raw Story reported he specifically named Laquan McDonald and Rekia Boyd, blacks who were killed by police, as examples of the violent acts.
I guess all those negroes shot by their fellow genetic aliens while sitting in cars or walking in alleys don't rate a mention. 

In his public confession, Hill said through a megaphone: “[We repent for] the history of holding our people, our color, our kind as the epitome of most valuable, and of devaluing so many other people.

There's ordinary suicidal madness and then there's this, something so sick and vile it took an entire jewish century to create. I'm sorry moloch that I valued my own family and my own people more than dangerous foreign garbage. To make it up to you I'll now pass my first born through the flames of "diversity."

And he later took to CNN to explain to host Brooke Baldwin how he was simply publicly acknowledging the sins whites have committed in the name of harming black people over the span of American history.

Well, there's your moment of fame, which is what I'm sure this turncoat wanted all along. I hope it was worth it, to betray everything that matters so you could be on the talmudvision for a few minutes.

Self-hatred is not a virtue.


  1. Preach it A.J. How can people be so blind to their own impending destruction, like lambs to the slaughter? Nay, not merely blind, but COMPLICIT?


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