Cucktianity: The Jewish Mission

If Whites don't restore their spiritual traditions every other victory is ultimately meaningless. If we have to become the enemy to survive we'd be better off just dying. A healthy connection to the land, to our people and to something greater than ourselves is a necessary condition of reversing the kosher grip on White nations. The careerist, the materialist, the hedonist, the nihilist and the cynic are easily purchased or menaced into silence and as such represent no threat to the jew communists. The healthy White, in both body and soul, is their worst nightmare and has been the cause of their undoing many times. If we're going to restore this connection to the eternal we must reject modern cucktianity. This obviously includes the Cuckolics, who seem determined to win the race to the bottom of the pit.

Catholics should not try to convert Jews and should work with them to fight anti-Semitism, the Vatican said on Thursday in a major document drawing the Church further away from the strained relations of the past.

Tradition and a connection to ancestral memory, the main reason a White person might become a Catholic, must be aggressively stripped away in favor of warmed-over One World communism and pathetic jew worship.

It was the latest move on a host of issues, such as gay rights and re-marriage, that the Vatican or Pope Francis have made showing a desire to be more compassionate and open and to move further away from entrenched traditions.

Sodomy, shattered families and groveling in front of a marxist enemy that wants us dead. We must be "compassionate" to the jagged maw tearing into the flesh of the West, be more open to the cruel teeth dripping warm blood. It's the right thing to do.

Jew appeasement from costumed clown.

In the past, for example, Catholic prayers have denounced Jews for not believing in Jesus.

It's hard to believe when you look at this current mess. 

Jews have also accused the World War Two papacy of turning a blind eye to the Holocaust, a charge the Vatican denies. 

Oy, muh holohoax! The precious six zillions up the nawrtzee chimney after the electric belts and gas ovens! 

"The Church is therefore obliged to view evangelisation (spreading Christianity) to Jews, who believe in the one God, in a different manner from that to people of other religions and world views," it said.

For fear of the jew. A generation of vipers. Of their father, the devil.

It also said Catholics should be particularly sensitive about the significance to Jews of the Shoah, the Hebrew word for the Holocaust, and pledged "to do all that is possible with our Jewish friends to repel anti-Semitic tendencies".

Take these beads and say a thousand "Sorry for the holohoax" prayers over each one.

They believe there should be a so-called "Jewish mission" to convert Jews because they did not accept Jesus as the Messiah. Such traditionalists were therefore bound to be displeased by the document's words on conversion, a senior Vatican official said.

Get with the times, man. It's current year after all, we better change doctrines that are supposed to be directly from a divine hand.

Until about 1960, prayers at Catholic Masses on Good Friday, the day commemorating the death of Jesus, labelled Jews "perfidious" and called for their conversion.

Real talk in a Catholic church? Priests that aren't sodomite devils? Before the jewish century that's how it was.

In 2008, then-Pope Benedict further reformulated the prayer used by the traditionalists to remove language that Jewish groups found offensive, such as "the blindness of that people."

Making the jew happy should be the main priority, along with adopting African tar babies, praising the sodomite, covering up child buggery, preaching communism, etc.

 Time to stop listening to people with goofy little caps on the back of their heads.


  1. I'm Catholic, and it's my ancestry and my tradition, very much related to my being white. And like being white and all that comes with it, I am unlikely to let my Catholic faith go because some new asshole is part of a plan to mess it up. Actually the Catholic faith has been under true assault from within - something foretold to three children at the Marian apparition at Fatima in Portugal in the early 20th century - by priests, bishops, and cardinals who are active Satanists and who in the early 1960s had a solemn ceremony called "the enthronement of Lucifer in the Citadel" and since then the unknowing Pope at the time declared "the smoke of satan has entered this sanctuary" because he was seized by a vision of it at the altar, after it had already happened. He then penned "The Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel" appealing to all Catholics to protect their would with this prayer, and instituting it at the end of the Mass.

    So, we see that in about 50 years, along with the revolution in all of our western cultures and traditions - the 1960s - we see an ancient European church go from praying at the end of every Sunday Mass for the conversion of "the perfidious Jews" verbatim, to actually acting like they are some sacred ornament to society under the last two anti-Popes. Who embraced and knelt before foreign Gods, breaking the first commandment to have no other Gods before OURS. SICK. Pope JPII kissed the Koran, accepted blessings from Hindu priests, and did other deleterious and blatantly anti-Christian things as if it was completely normal in the name of ecumenism. The Catholics who reel back in horror from these type of things are now part of a traditional underground movement and we want nothing to do with this shit. It's called Sedevacantism (the seat is vacant, literally) the seat of Peter's descendent and God's vicar on earth. He's not fit to be God's vicar and we don't believe he was put there by God through man. He's a sham, and the things he's done prove he cannot be from God. The true mass is practiced by these underground Catholic churches and they pay no attention to these antichrist antipopes. He is not our leader.
    Let me tell you something about this; Catholics are unlikely to change in his direction, and most Catholics are well aware that there is something wrong with this pope.


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