Delaware to Apologize for Slavery

Our jewish enemy has a habit of becoming extremely over-confident when they're winning and it's this hubris that has created "anti-semitism." In the U.S.S.A. they won beyond their wildest dreams during the disastrous jewish century but instead of simply enjoying the cultural destruction they wrought the traveling merchant seems determined to completely annihilate the shkotzim, to keep pumping in the spiritual poison and foreign invasion until nothing remains. This insane desire to see everything destroyed in the name of their desert cult has given us an opportunity to reverse the rot.

They're losing their grip over the average White. Fear of being called names, even the dreaded "races" is vanishing and more and more Whites are waking up and wondering if we really need sodomy on the talmudvision, cancer chemicals in our food and brown slime pouring over an undefended border. We're asking how to prevent la-teen-oh invasion and islamic jihad and it now seems just a matter of time before the negro and jew question must be seriously addressed. The response from the Light of the World is predictable, more of the same wailing. Their time is ending.

On the 150th anniversary of the December 6, 1865, ratification of the 13th Amendment—which abolished slavery in the United States—the state of Delaware announced plans to formally apologize for the role it played in the slave trade.

Everyone involved is long dead, this gesture couldn't be more meaningless and impotent, but we need that White guilt. Will the negro apologize for over fifty years of abusing our generosity? Will they start paying back all the money poured into this failed race? Will there be special preferences for Whites to make up for the systematic discrimination we faced? It seems unlikely, but hey, sometime in the distant past the negro was removed from the African all against all for the safety and security of a White nation where it was able to do meaningful labor.

“For generations, our country denied and actively contested a basic fact of humanity: that nothing about the color of one’s skin affects that person’s innate rights to freedom and dignity,” Democratic governor Jack Markell told the congregation at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Wilmington on Sunday.

There's a lot of cultural sewage in one short paragraph. It's "The color of the skin!" and certainly not the sloping forehead, brow ridge, muzzle, underdeveloped frontal lobes, foreign DNA not found in any other race, lack of future time orientation, low intelligence, propensity toward violence, propensity toward sexual irresponsibility, misshapen blood cells, down-low sodomy, burry hair, flat nose and general incompatibility with a civilized nation.

Yup, just sun-tanned Whites claims the jew governor, who at least is much more likely to have an ancestral role in the negro trade than the vast majority of American Whites. The nation-wrecker addresses the negro false church, stirring up "Kill Whitey" sentiment and making some geld in the process. Just another day in the U.S.S.A.

Jew scumbag bleats about "Muh slavery."

“We must publicly and candidly acknowledge the lasting damage of past sins—damage that continues to reverberate more than 150 years after the abolition of slavery.”
More needs to be done. You must be punished for what long dead people that you're not even directly related to did. Meanwhile, your current sacrifices in doomed efforts to fix a failed race count for nothing. Only your death is an acceptable atonement and then we'll curse you in your grave as everything burns.

The governor and state legislators have drafted a house joint resolution that, if passed by the primarily Democratic General Assembly (GA), would apologize for the state’s history of slavery.

Seems like a good use of our time and tax dollars. The foreign invasion, economic collapse, urban warfare, atomization and alienation will just have to wait until we make a meaningless and grotesque apology toward dangerous animals that hate us and want us dead.

Jewish con artist wants more negro appeasement.

Slavery is the darkest chapter of our nation’s history. And while the page has long been turned, the scars from the whippings, the bruises from the shackles, the tears from the torment can still be felt all these years later in the continued struggle against racism, prejudice and the power of the privileged.  

Oy, "racism!" And your privilege and power! The precious nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) on the kosher ship, the whippings and unkind glances, muh name beee Toby massah. Keep groveling Whites, even though it's now clear it does no good and we'll keep blaming you for the predictable genetically-determined negro failure. 

And who we can be tomorrow is predicated upon our ability to show empathy for each other today. In my view, an apology for slavery is just that: an act of empathy that won’t undo the past, but will once and for all acknowledge the experience of so many Delawareans who still feel its harsh effects.

Barkevious is dumb and violent, must be an exaggerated version of events from 1840 causing this! 

We didn't invent it, we just ended it.


  1. Are we ever going to hear a prominent negro stand up and apologize for all the acts of violence it commits against whites? The knife murder of a 6 year old boy for no reason? The rape (muh dik) and murder of a young pregnant mother and wife? I could go on ad nauseum but no point. You will never hear it.YT is the only race that is altruistic, the negro brain is too underdeveloped to understand that. The deck is stacked against us by the ululating traveling merchant. Wake up and see what is happening around you YT. The television tells you what you are supposed to think even when you know it goes contrary to your natural instincts.


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