Food Stamp Nation

How will the U.S.S.A. finally dissolve? One increasingly likely possibility is that a brown paw will swipe the "free sheet from Whitey" card and instead of more largesse from the honky debil an error message will pop up instead, perhaps explaining in crude ebonics that the 21 trillion in kosher sin debt has finally been called in. Then the all against all will begin: burning cities, looting, tar-complected "law enforcement" joining in the bacchanal while still wearing their cargo cult uniforms, White do-gooders slaughtered, the final and predictable outcome of the equality mythology. Until this day of the content of their character the hand-outs continue, purchasing sullen hostility and an insistence that everything is actually "races." Soon the jew economic voodoo and the negro pathology will "intersect" as the priests of our State Religion like to say, and it all ends. And it all begins, too.

The number of individuals receiving benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, otherwise known as food stamps, has exceeded 45 million for 53 straight months, according to data released by the Department of Agriculture.
The end game of communism, negro appeasement, foreign welfare colonization and a criminal government that honestly seems to believe this peaceful disaster is somehow sustainable. 45 million leaning on Uncle Sucker and his magical kosher carpet bag. It be free, mudda fudda, swipe dat E.B.T.

The USDA has been tracking data on participation in the program since fiscal year 1969, at which time average participation stood at about 2,800,000. This means that since then, participation in the program has increased by roughly 16-fold.

Huh. How about that. It's almost like there's a direct correlation between the explosion of a "gibs me dat" permanent alien underclass and the all-out semitic assault on our culture that occurred in the later half of the disastrous jewish century. Naw, must be some crazy coincidence. Here, watch sports and drink. How about some kosher pornography, goyim?

I bee tiss-a-patin' in pograms an sheet.

Maura Corrigan, a scholar at the large American Enterprise Institute, says that despite improvements in the economy, the program remains and too few adults who benefit from the program are working. 

Somehow having a handful of plutocrats with little caps on the backs of their heads looting our dead nation isn't improving things for the average person. Who could have predicted this? I thought muh GDP would solve everything. In other unrelated news we're running a 400 billion yearly trade deficit with China and recently signed an insane budget that amounts to sucking on the globalist shotgun.

Gettin' dat sugah wadda on.

“Rather than promoting self-sufficiency, SNAP’s predominant track record over the past decade has been to add participants to its rolls. Also, its eligibility definitions are in many cases vague, allowing it to deny fraud, waste, and abuse in the program, despite the reports of such behavior from citizens and caseworkers.”

I know, it's pretty surprising that once a negro or la-teen-oh finds out they can have a higher standard of living as a system leech than working whatever dead-end job their limited intelligence and basic civility would allow they decide to keep sucking the taxes. 

“SNAP is designed to be responsive to the economy, and this downward trend is an encouraging sign that the economic recovery is reaching struggling families,” said a spokesman for the USDA. “The best way to reduce spending in the program is to continue improving the economy and connecting recipients with job training and job placement assistance. USDA is focused on finding innovative, cost-effective strategies to help even more recipients find and keep gainful employment that enables them to support their families.”

Muh economy. Clearly we'll solve this by reasoning with the negro and appealing to the generosity of the traveling merchant. This is certain to work, expect to see massive improvements any day now.

  Wah bee dat durr jab place-mat ass-sis-tents?


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