Jew Judge Hit By Negro Backlash

Our jewish enemy honestly believes that they'll somehow control the "diversity" disaster they've created, staying at a safe distance from the rot while enjoying the gentile slaves promised by the talmud. Their hatred for healthy Whites is so virulent that they'll endanger their own safety and even their precious geld in pursuit of destroying what we built. Consider the case of a jew judge who worked tirelessly to end "racial profiling," also sometimes called "noticing reality," only to find three jungle animals pointing "gats" at her number six nose inside the house the nation-wrecking built. Suddenly all the "tolerance" fell away and this scumbag jewess was screaming for help from the schwoogies it had encouraged. Even if the jew wins it will still lose, if it's any consolation.

Three armed men invaded the home of Federal Judge Susan Dlott and her husband, attorney Stan Chesley, police said.

Those crazy "men" and their "wrong place and time" antics. How can we blame this on the gun and not the systematic kosher campaign to destroy the West?

Officials said the couple was robbed at gunpoint inside their Indian Hill home just before 11 p.m.

Sadly it didn't become one of those "robberies gone wrong" that we're always cramming in the memory hole. 

Dlott ran to a neighbor's house, who called 911, reporting a woman (Dlott) in a nightgown was desperately banging on the front door. Dlott then called 911 and told the dispatcher that three masked black men with guns invaded their home and her husband and dog were still inside. 

"Help me, shkotzim! I need to be rescued by the rule of law I worked to undermine, please protect me from the negro animal I made excuses for. This isn't some worthless unclean meat getting hit by the living fossil, this is The Light of the World, g*d's best friend!"

Also, the scumbag that fought "profiling" is quick to mention race. Imagine that.

I'm being hit by friendly fire in the undeclared one-sided race war against Whites I supported.

She also demanded the dispatcher call the U.S. Marshals because she was a federal judge.

Sure, why not? How about a tactical orbital strike on Barkevious and Jajewjuan? All animals are equal, some much more so.

Another neighbor also called 911 around the same time to alert police that all the doors to the house were open, the garage was beeping loudly, a dog was missing and no one was home.

Another well-executed criminal scheme from 70 I.Q. genetic aliens.

Nightmare creatures attacked the jew.

Officers arrived at the scene minutes later.

Results not typical, don't expect this sort of response if you're one of the goyim. You need to be armed.

Terry Jackson, 21, Darrell Kinney, 20, and Demetrius Williams, 20, have each been charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and two counts of abduction.

Good boys, turning the life around, Crabgrass-Americans with a bright future as oceanographers, rappers or career criminals.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said he would meet with federal investigators and prosecutors next week to determine the best way to proceed with the case, which he described as among the most serious crimes.

You attacked the jew so it's serious. If it were White victims they'd probably have to do a book report.

“Outside of murder, armed home invasions may be the worst type of offender,” Deters said. “They are willing to go into someone’s home, a locked home, with weapons. It’s as bad as it gets.”

It's almost as if we're facing national collapse and the dark scum have become more aggressive in the face of the eroding rule of law.

Court records state that at one point Chesley was pushed down a small set of stairs and injured.

LOL. Have a nice trip, see you next fall.

An investigation of the scene continued for several hours, White said. He explained it is possible that more charges might be brought against the three men.

This might be declared the "Schwoogie Holocaust" but we haven't made that official yet.

Trust me.

Chesley has made headlines lately for his role in the fen-phen weight loss drug case, in which he and other attorneys were accused of taking too large a share of the settlement intended for people whose hearts were damaged by the drug. He lost his law license in Kentucky over that case and resigned his Ohio law license. That case is ongoing.

What a hero. These "stereotypes," they don't materialize out of thin air.

When Dlott met Chesley, who has been a major fundraiser for primarily Democratic candidates

They supported cultural marxism and the destruction of White America. Yeah, I'm surprised too.

"You bee goin' dawn dee stahs u soros-lookin' mudda fudda."

Together in 2004 they bought a house in Indian Hill, which at the time was the most expensive home in Hamilton County. The 25-room, 27,000-square-foot French-style chateau cost $8 million.

Safety from the negro animal, the only thing the ill-gotten shekels can't buy.

Don't worry jew, you'll be safe from this.


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