Jew Space Movie to Fix National "Diversity" Disaster

We were told that having our own nations and living with our own kind was wrong, an artifact of an evil past that needs to be shed in favor of a coffee-colored paradise of raceless, mindless and soulless human shells providing the menial labor to keep jewish pockets full. Whites are naturally idealistic and concerned about justice, traits notably absent in all other races, so we bought into this kosher con. We let the dark alien swarm across undefended borders, paid into the negro fix-up fund, tried to ignore how everything got steadily worse.

Today we're waking up. A nationalist candidate is leading the presidential polls and even the most numb and debased of us are starting to wonder why we need islamic invasion and more African negroes for Idaho and Montana. Our enemy is starting to get desperate. But hey, did you hear about that new Star Trek film? With negro Spock or whatever? That should keep you nice and docile, right?

The debate after the San Bernardino terrorist attacks couldn’t have done a better job illustrating just how divided the American people actually are.

Yes, we're going to blame "races" Whites for the predictable pathology of the stone cube cult. Moon god zealots are murdering defenseless Whites, but the real crime is noticing and getting angry.

Many reacted as if having fewer guns was the obvious response of all reasonable people; others genuinely thought this was crazytown, and that the obvious solution is more guns.

The more sensible among us discussed fewer moe-ham-heads.

This kind of disagreement is now all too familiar in other areas of public debate. Whether the issue is race, abortion, marriage, health care, immigration, or gender, the fundamental assumptions we bring to the table are so different that we might as well be speaking different languages. 

You crazy goyim and your disagreements over issues. Meanwhile every other race is monolithic in supporting "Do we benefit from this?" as the ultimate good.

In the world of academic ethics, we spend a lot of time thinking about the implications of the disintegration of not only our political culture, but of any common moral language or ideas we could use to have genuine engagement.

In the world of academic ethics I get paid a modest sinecure wage to parrot the kosher line and avoid any and all unpleasant truths. Here in my communist indoctrination center bubble I can still pretend everything is fine. City burning? Just change the channel, go give a hot air lecture, drug myself, bow to the jew.

We used to have a common set of theological ideas on which to draw, but our growing commitment to freedom of religion and a secular public sphere has meant such appeals today have little force.

In the disastrous jewish century we destroyed the church with communism, globalism, do-gooding, spiritual filth, jew worship and barely disguised evil and are now scratching our heads and wondering why no one is turning to us for moral guidance.

We used to be able to appeal to the words and ideas of our founding fathers, but in an era of sensitivity to race, gender, and colonialism these are also anything but authoritative.

LOL. Dat duurrrrr clas-sick-all lib-rall-ism be races an sheeet. Da wite debil need to die, mudda fudda. Also where are all the cross-dressing freaks and sodomites? The lack of Founding Perverts, it's deeply problematic.

We seem to be running out of resources here.

Yeah. No shit.

But in just a few days huge swaths of our culture will drop everything and watch “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Many will do so multiple times.

Drop everything! We're on the brink of national collapse, White genocide is being openly promoted by ruling criminals, our cities are negro war zones and the la-teen-oh pathology keeps seeping over an undefended border but let's watch this jewish bowel movement.


Ticket presales are ridiculous, and many (including even Steven Spielberg) predict it will be the biggest movie of all time.

Go back to sleep shkotzim! Look at that heroic Homo erectus battle the galactic nawrtzees! See, everything is fine.

George Lucas’ goal in making Star Wars was a self-conscious attempt to appeal to primordial stories and images and ideas, and his great triumph was the successful creation a new kind of mythology.

Well, that or add zappers to a Kurosawa film and rip-off "The Dam Busters" with spaceships.

His success is now even more important as one our last remaining resources for meaningful ideas which can transcend our deeps divisions.

Jew Hollywood, the last bastion of meaningful ideas! Ideas like "sodomy good" and "more schwatzes with blonde shiksas!"

Trust me.

As a ridiculous fan myself, I join many others in having been taught many other things by Star Wars.

I learned to let the space minorities win so they don't get angry!

About the interconnectedness and power of all living things. About the dignity of all persons regardless of alien origin.

When I use the neologism "Cucktianity" this is exactly what I'm thinking of.

Given that director J.J. Abrams has committed to the genre, stories, and approach of the original three movies, there is reason to be hopeful.

Jew director? Yup, there's the reason for hope, right there.

Americans might not be able to agree on what Christmas means in our culture, but we can agree on what movie to see during the Christmas season.

It has something to do with buying Chinese garbage and trampling people at the doors of big box stores, I think.


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