Jew Wants More Holohoax Memorials in U.S.S.A.

Like their father the devil the jew is not known for its creativity or forward thinking, instead presenting the same banal evils over and over to the shkotzim, maybe slapping on a fresh coat of paint here and there because it is the Current Year, after all. We get the same money voodoo, the same spiritual evil disguised as "freedoms" and "civil rights," the same endless wailing over imaginary crimes. Don't forget the "holocaust," goy. Countless billions up a chimney, a little chosenite girl and her magic pen, nawrtzees full of blind hate for good and innocent people, this should keep you distracted from the disastrous jewish century and the current mess. With the cattle starting to get a little uppity, even contemplating that they might have their own racial interests, the time has arrived for more semitic fantasy.

Fewer and fewer survivors are left to tell the story. Now the children and grandchildren who heard their accounts directly from them must leave a permanent memorial, not simply for the survivors themselves or even for those alive today but for the generations that follow us.

My spellcheck doesn't think Holodomor is an actual word, the Armenian massacre is the answer to a trivia question, the millions killed by jew communism are at best mentioned in passing as an unfortunate side-effect of good intentions. The holohoax, an event you can't go a day without hearing about in most formerly White nations, is in danger of being forgotten. We need more memorials to those put into bone-crushing machines, made into soap and lamps and burned up in gas ovens, producing smoke color-coded to their nationality. Get out that checkbook, unclean meat.

Florida, with the largest number of Holocaust survivors, must join, and even lead, other states and enact the legislation needed to authorize a monument on our Capitol grounds to remind generations to come of the horrors inflicted on millions of European Jews by a brutal, bigoted dictator of the Nazi party.

I wonder how many "extermination camps" were in Florida. A few dozen, probably. Oy, the bigoted dictator! Put up more ugly blocks of cement, shkotzim! It's the least you can do you worthless hell-bound cattle, what with all your "bigotry." 

Across the country, and particularly in our state capitol buildings, we need memorials and monuments to the Holocaust (known in Hebrew as Shoah).

You, known in hebrew as goyim, will be expected to pay for these monuments to the jewish conquest of your dead nation.

Several statehouses, including those in South Carolina, Ohio and Iowa, already have memorials to honor those who perished during this horrific period in world history.

Don't forget the giant menorah in front of our Black House.

The Holocaust lasted from 1933 to 1945. It progressed slowly, with discrimination creeping across Europe. Next came persecution and the separation of Jews from their communities.

Oy, the creeping discrimination! Good thing that same part of Europe is currently being flooded with moe-ham-heads under our direction.

Nazis stripped people of their possessions, their families and their liberties.

Muh possessions! Some were even forced to do demeaning physical labor. The precious six million pounds of flesh lost to vile "racists" who attacked for absolutely no reason.

In 1941, 11 million Jews lived in Europe. But by May 1945, the Nazis had murdered 6 million of them, including 1.5 million children.

I'd mention the 1945 population number but you slaves might start asking some uncomfortable questions.

Most of my relatives, including my grandparents, either were imprisoned in concentration camps or killed, so I know firsthand how the Holocaust affected — and continues to affect — families.

We've now reached the "entire family up a chimney" portion of this nonsense.

I teach the lessons of the Holocaust to my children and grandchildren, just as my father and cousins taught them to me.

"Always bring up the holocaust to guilt the gentiles into giving you what you want."

My aunt and her two young sons suffered in a total of four different camps and tell of the murder and brutal treatment of thousands of victims.

For whatever reason the Aryan Devils were extremely workshy about getting these three, incapable of contributing any of that labor that makes you free, onto the electric belts. Noticing that sort of contradiction could get you jailed in most European countries.

Every week, thousands of students visit our state Capitol, making it the ideal location to place a memorial that would remind them of this important time in world history. It would teach them about the evils of discrimination.

Today's lesson: Your inherent evil. 

A monument would inspire students to ask questions of their parents and teachers about the Holocaust.

One would hope. Questions like "Why does a gas chamber have glass windows and wooden doors?" and "How long does it take to cremate an adult body and how much gasoline is required?"

This should be a nonpartisan effort. Hopefully, there will be a unanimous vote on the legislation in both houses.

Groveling before the jewish enemy, the one issue all our elected criminals can agree on.

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