Pale Mystery Meat Whines About "Racism"

There's never going to come a day when the negro appeasement is deemed sufficient, when the open border surrender to the la-teen-oh earns goodwill, when the jew will decide that it's time to stop wailing about the holohoax. There's never going to come a day when our suicidal generosity is seen as anything other than a weakness to be ruthlessly exploited by our enemies. When we're gone they'll curse us in our graves while civilization dies and the surviving primitive humanity returns to the stone age existence necessitated by their idiocy and violent all against all. A lot more will need to be done, as dark monsters chuck rocks and sharpened sticks at each beneath the crumbling ruins built by the dead "races."

If we're going to hold back this return to savagery we have to stop worrying about being called names by our enemies, especially when the enemy in question is a jew-funded undercover brother eager to educate an increasing shrinking White population about our sins against the holy mother synagogue.

The right question to ask is this: What am I doing right now to stand against American racism?

What are you doing to support your own destruction? Ask not what the negro can do for you (rap lyrics and scoring "tugs" mostly), ask how you can die for the negro. Keep groveling, it worked so well over the last fifty years and for g*d's sake don't have any White children.

The deadliest hate crime against African Americans happened not in 1955, but earlier this year in Charleston, South Carolina.

I'm pretty sure that was a random incident where the negroes were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Cry me a river.

Scumbag negro impersonator wants more White genocide.

The American prison population has grown 1000% since the start of the Civil Rights Movement and has fallen disproportionately on the backs of African Americans and Latinos.

Negro monsters and la-teen-oh aliens in prison. What could be causing all this? Their inherent criminal tendencies, low intelligence, refusal to integrate into the culture and lack of future time orientation? No silly, it's "racism!" I do agree that this number is troubling, mostly because we have to pay to house the genetic alien in the "crib." They should be either put down or deported.

What am I doing right now to stem the rising tide of Islamophobia?

I'm sure your pathetic dhimmitude will encourage the moon cube monsters to stop raping and killing.

Well, I'm convinced.

Just this morning I read a crushing story of a Muslim man named Mohammed

Yeah, I know, I'm surprised too. Moe-ham-head. The rich and vibrant name diversity of the jihadan.

who was afraid to give his name at Starbuck’s so he insisted on just giving his initials.

Wow, just wow. Sure White women are being raped and we're ignoring it so as to not be "races," but this is truly crushing. This poor sand person, forced to give initials because that should disguise the fact that he's a moe-ham-head. 

The leading Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, has proposed banning all Muslims from entering our country and has suggested that mosques be shut down and Muslims be tracked.

Finally a mainstream candidate I can endorse as something other than "slightly less evil than the communist sociopath the donkey party is running." 

It's a terrifying experience right now for Muslims in America who are arbitrarily blamed and held responsible for crimes they had nothing to do with.

Oh no, hurt feelings! Better bring in another million "widows and orphans" for Idaho so that the religion of peace animals can stop worrying about being called a name or common sense immigration policies being enacted. 

What am I doing right now to show compassion to immigrants who so badly want to call the United States their home?

Am I doing enough to irrevocably destroy Western Civilization? 

As Trump proclaims that he would “round up” up over 400,000 immigrants per month for 24 straight months and drop them off at a random location in Mexico, the levels of stress and fear in millions of immigrant families, who simply came here for a better life, have dramatically risen.

I guess the stress and fear Whites feel as our country dies isn't as important as Pablo thinking "Eyyy, da dumm gringo is waking up, I theeeennnk." Restoring the rule of law and our national sovereignty? Better ask a con man who plays negro make-believe if it's right or not.

What difference are you making right now? 

I name the jew, just to give one example.

What risks are you taking to be the change, right now? If you are struggling to answer that question, it’s time to get to work.

Yeah. No shit.

Full Article.

No, really, I'm a negro.


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