The British Brand of Islam

The end game of "diversity" is a population of identical-looking and behaving brown humanoids, individuals without a mind, a soul, a culture or a future. Cattle for big jew to rule over, the thousands of slaves promised by the talmud. Any actual diversity, in the original meaning that word had before it was destroyed by cultural marxist newspeak, will be eliminated. In its place will be a nightmare world of superstition, violence and rot. No sane person would support this, so it's vital to pretend that nations and culture aren't real, that negroes are just sun-tanned Whites, that the moon cult from the desert is somehow compatible with muh democratic values, that everything Whites built was just some crazy coincidence and also the result of "racism." In the United Kaliphate, the gold standard for pathetic dhimmitude, new deceits are needed. How about a British mosque, one we can all be proud of?

The first Muslim woman to serve as a British government minister, Baroness Warsi, has called for mosques in the UK to be built without minarets to help develop a “distinctly British brand” of Islam.

See, the stone cube bomb-throwers are ready to become good little subjects of Not-so-Great Britainistan. The best part is that the empty JUDEO-christian churches, their legitimacy destroyed by jew-worship, marxism and fully embracing the satanic evil of the jewish century, can be easily converted into these exciting new British mosques. Keep watching your coal-black premier league, keep drinking those kosher "pints," keep pretending everything is fine. There will always be an England, just ask anyone working to destroy it.

Midnight at the Britainistan oasis.

She argued that there was no reason why mosques should not look like traditional village churches.
Well, other than the obvious ones, but ignoring what's right in front of your face is the only remaining virtue for most Westerners. 

“A nod to the heritage and the culture that you find yourself in can be very helpful”, she said, explaining that she wants “to see an Islam which sits comfortably within Britain and a Britain that sits more at ease with Islam.”

That or no-go zones, sharia law, rape gangs we ignore because we're afraid of being called "races" and endless foreign invasion. Yes, these moon god jihadists are nice and compatible with White nations, we just need to make their ass-in-the-air houses look more like our own dead faith.

According to the Baroness, building mosques to look like churches would not be a problem, as “the only requirement is for it to have a place for the imam to stand, to be facing Mecca when you pray and to have places for people to wash before prayer”.

All you need is four walls and a roof for terrorism recruitment, maybe a nice basement for bomb construction.

The peer, who served as the so-called “faith minister” in the Coalition government, is purportedly setting up a new foundation in her name to promote religious tolerance.

Religious tolerance = Christians gritting their teeth in silence while the most vile spiritual evil takes over.

Religion of peace rot.

She first made the mosque suggestion last week in a speech at St Mary’s University, London where she is starting as a visiting professor and where a competition is running to design such a mosque.

Hey, kids! Design a moe-ham-head hut and win rad prizes! "I just took an existing mosque model and added some wings to it. Plus these gnarly racing stripes." 

During the speech, she also said that Muslims were not religiously obliged to wear full Middle Eastern dress, such as the burqa and/or long gown, when they live in the west.

Yeah. We'll see how well that goes for you once the protective hand of Whites is removed and an inbred scimitar-waving lunatic is in charge.

I cannot understand why you would want to look like someone who walked out of Yemen, unless your parents lived there,” she said.

I cannot understand why you'd want someone who walked out of Yemen in your country.

“The phrase that I keep coming back to, which is rooted in Islamic thinking, is that Islam is like a river that takes the colour from the bed over which is flows, the bed being the country in which it is found.

More like a burst pipe spraying out chunky sewage.

“That’s what we want to have a debate around and a potential design competition. What I would like to see is the quintessential English mosque.

Welcome to clown world.


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