You Can Get Your Walk On

Please watch this amazing video.

Do I really need to say anything? The death of a nation sure has a dignity all its own. If you're still on the fence about the communist indoctrination center being a massive jewish con game after watching this I'm not sure if you can be reached. We've got a good boy turning his life around (c)rapper, a giant negro monster that may or may not be female and a steady stream of profound ugliness, disgusting blobs of chunky vomit drooling out of the gaping mouth of our national corpse.

Those hip and vibrant genetic aliens are here to convince those shiftless and directionless Whites to build dem bridges an sheeet. No, you dumb White, astrology isn't a college course! You'll just have to settle for witchcraft and black magic studies, also known as the myths of racial equality and "White privilege." Did we mention that our dopehead sodomite Kenyan puppet has a degree, even though you're not allowed to see it goyim because those records are sealed for reasons that I'm sure make sense in the context of a free and open democracy.

Go to college, sucker! Get dat learn on, rack up debt, become an unemployable mess by taking worthless hyphen study cultural marxist courses. You want that "better life" of making less money than your parents, having a head full of communist drivel and slaving to pay off the friendly merchant, don't you? Plus, you'll become "educated" in overly complicated word salad ways to say "White man bad" and "sodomy and jewish cultural rot good."

Learn a trade, White man.

I wonder what the shkotzim are saying about this pathetic abortion?

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