A Bridge Too Far

The suicide of Europe is going to be a baffling subject for Asian historians a hundred years from now. They'll struggle to understand the insane and useless need for justice and fairness toward the alien outsider that is unique to Whites and has been ruthlessly exploited by our jewish enemy. They'll wonder why unbelievable outrages, up to and including our own genocide, were not only accepted with silent apathy but openly celebrated by cucked Whites. The Whites were so scared of being called names by aliens that hated them that they were willing to die as a people. Then they'll return to their homogeneous nations and make sure that the faceless, soulless, brown Eurabian moon cultist is never allowed in their ancestral lands.

We must fight against this future of displacement and destruction in White homelands. The light of Western Civilization must not be extinguished in the name of do-gooding and moral posturing, fear and cowardice. Our survival as a people is at stake.

A group of ‘art activists’ are hoping to put an end to the needless deaths of refugees by building a bridge across the Mediterranean Sea. 

There doesn't seem to be a bottom floor when it comes to European cuckoldry. Build a bridge to Africa, a royal road to the heart of darkness. We all know everyone's equal and the tar monster or moe-ham-head bomb tosser has the same common humanity, never mind the alien genetics and satanic stone cube worship.

More than 3,770 men, women, and children died last year trying to cross the open waters in search of a better life; free from violence, poverty and persecution.

Women and children, orphans and widows, good little brown victims of a war that's apparently going on in every single non-White nation in the entire world. Let them all in, what could go wrong? It's not like they're going to tuck that "violence, poverty, and persecution" under one arm and bring it with them, creating rape gangs and terrorist cells. After all, the right to have a "better life" of taking the hand-outs, the right to rape and murder kuffirs, must be guaranteed to every shit-colored animal that gets three-fifths of its body across an imaginary line or in this case walks across a bridge built by White suckers who will soon be destroyed.

The death toll is a tragic increase on 2014, when 500 less people perished in the attempt.

Oy, tragedy! The precious 500 lost, several dozen welfare colonists who will never know the simple joys of cashing welfare checks, torching cars, bashing feckless and effeminate European males and raping European women. A few of the rats in this horrific plague swarm died, better get to work on that.

 Make room, make room.

In a monumental display of humanity, the Center of Political Beauty is proposing to build a stone bridge from Africa to Europe in a bid to “stop the futile dying in the Mediterranean.”

I'm sure this latest display of suicidal weakness and groveling dhimmitude will finally win some grudging respect from the moose-limb invader, unlike all the other ones.

According to the political performance artists, who claim to use “humanity as a weapon,” the 230 kilometer overpass would stretch from the Tunisian coastal town of al-Huwariyah to Agrigento in Sicily.

Our enemies are now openly admitting that these are biological weapons. Wake up, Europe.

The expected completion date for the ambitious safeway, which has an estimated price tag of €230 billion, is 2030.

Don't worry Whites, you'll get the bill for this madness.

Perhaps to shame countries that have erected fences and closed borders to refugees, the bridge would be named after the founding father of the European Union, Jean Monnet.

Shame on you for not putting your head in the "immigration" noose.

“Mankind cannot wait until the completion of the Jean-Monnet-Bridge: in order to effectively combat the silent dying in the Mediterranean, 1,000 rescue platforms will be erected as soon as possible,” a statement reads.

 Silent dying, women and children, etc.

At the very least, the idea is raising awareness, and there are plans afoot to install more advanced platforms at a cost of €50,000 each.

We destroyed our culture, ruined our nations and died out as a people, but at least we raised a lot of "awareness."

Speaking to Al-Jazeera, founder of the Center for Political Beauty Phillip Ruch admitted the ideas were unconventional, but suggested they were no crazier than Europe’s inaction.

Yeah, certainly no crazier than over a million fighting age moe-ham-heads invading Germanistan in a single year.

“European countries do not have the political will to give refugees the same rights as we have – for example, enable them to buy a normal flight ticket."

Expect to see special "Moe-ham-head Night Flights" funded by Whites very soon.

“If the policy is crazy, why can’t we be crazy as well?"

Crazy is definitely the right word for all of this.


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