German Police Surrender to Muslim Hordes

Yesterday we discussed the pathetic last stand of Sweden when their thin blue line collapsed and scattered like quail in the face of moose-limb child rapist sodomites. Maybe this is as bad as it will get? Assuming you've seen European Whites at their absolute worst is always a risky gamble in today's world and sure enough, Germanistan has outdone the Swedes by fully surrendering to the invasion army. Even "Hey, stop sodomizing that boy!" is too much to ask from those who stand on the broken down walls of a once great nation. Instead the new policy, handed down by the jewish nation-wrecker and its useful White scumbags, is to simply ignore the moe-ham-head pathology, perhaps in hopes of proving the "races" is actually wrong about their national suicide since the crime numbers are steadily dropping even as everything burns.

Police in a German town were ordered not to prosecute migrants for certain crimes - just two months before the New Year's Eve sex attacks in Cologne, it has emerged.

You really can appreciate what a cucked disaster the West has become when this sort of announcement isn't even all that surprising. They're letting the moon cult run wild, because we don't want to be called names. They're letting their women and children be raped and murdered by an alien army that strolled across an undefended border to receive gifts and groveling appeasement from the doomed native population. Historians are going to have a hard time believing people could be so naive about basic reality, much like we scoff at "four vital humors" and flat earth theories from the past. "Diversity" and equality are truly the "drain his blood to cure the disease" of this age we live in.

Documents show officers in Kiel, northern Germany, were told to forego prosecuting migrants for theft and criminal damage amid fears there was little chance of succeeding.

Northern Germany or Baltimore, I can barely tell the difference.

German police have now been accused of 'surrendering' in the face of refugee crime.

It's hard for a sane person to come to any other conclusion. Let the "women and children" fleeing "war" destroy, it's the right thing to do.

Officers were told there was little chance of success because so many of the arrivals in Germany do not have papers, and often if they do, they are false. 

When you've got a million fighting age men, all with the same first name, same satanic death cult, same forged documents (Moe H. Head written in crayon on a napkin) and same predictable barbarism it's going to be hard to build a case against individual sand people. The obvious solution is their removal.

Orphans and widows.

But 'higher order' offences are to be treated the same, 'especially serious cases of theft and personal injury,' regardless of whether the perpetrator is a German citizen or a refugee.

One would hope, but the nose of the camel is already in the tent. We could never punish all these rapefugees, so let's just give up and die.

Karolina Hofmann, 37, CEO of the household goods shop Kochfest, is outraged. 'For what exactly, please, are we paying our taxes for? 

The answer is "To fund your own destruction." Keep paying, White sucker, it goes for great causes.

The Kiel directive is one more headache for Mrs Merkel's CDU conservative party which is facing a losses at vital regional polls in March in the wake of the Cologne sex attacks.

If this massive and sustained outrage doesn't wake Germans up they deserve the destruction that the jew has planned for them.

Germany for Germans.


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