German Women Blamed for Muslim Rape Apes

The ultimate jewish goal is the complete destruction of the West, a goal they don't even bother to disguise anymore. This insane overconfidence from the nation-wreckers is perhaps somewhat understandable in light of Europe's unbelievably debased and suicidal response to a massive invasion force of dangerous aliens. After all, White countries exist as a dumping ground for any hostile outsider who can break the plane of the border and it's Europe's duty to then provide supplies and garrisons for this enemy army. When Whites are attacked, which is inevitably the case, it's their fault for offending the delicate sensibilities of the moon cult barbarians. The jew must be laughing long and loud.

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker recommended that German women should change their behavior and follow a special set of rules to avoid sexual harassment, German media reported.

The deafening silence from the jew feminists. Now that a very real "rape culture" has arrived, it's time to start blaming the victims again. Cultural marxism was a weapon against Whites and only Whites, we're not even going to pretend it was ever intended for the biological weapon being used for White genocide.

In particular, the mayor referred to a code of conduct for young women and girls. In her opinion, women should keep themselves at arm’s length from strangers.

That should work. Just stay two feet away from me, moe-ham-head. Don't cross this invisible line. Don't ruin the honor system for the rest of the foreign scum.

They also should immediately seek help of passers-by and the police as well as call on other people to bear witness to the attack.

Come and watch my assault, European cuckolds! Just don't try to direct, okay? Certainly they'll be lots of potential White Knights in areas where you can play "spot the White person" and plenty of police in sharia no-go zones that they're afraid to enter.

The mayor also suggested the launch of an informational campaign for the refugees to explain them how they should behave during public celebrations.

I'd be laughing if I wasn't on the verge of vomiting. Let's teach them not to pack rape during the celebrations. Certainly we'll logic our way out of "muh koran" and "muh dikk."

Reker’s statement caused strong criticism among local residents and journalists who accused the mayor of trying to shift the blame for sexual harassment to the victims.

We can't blame the moose-limbs because that's "races" and "xenophobic" so this is the only option left. Brown pathology, it's always our fault. If only there was more spending, more groveling, fewer White children, more looking at the wall, etc.

Later, German TV channel N24 assumed that the Cologne mayor was “not in her right mind.”

It's not just her. The entire country has gone mad.

On New Year’s Eve, dozens of women in the German city of Cologne were robbed, threatened and sexually assaulted by a group of 1,000 aggressive men allegedly of Arab and North African origin.

Yeah, "allegedly." Probably just suntanned Whites, you know how bad they are, ask any jew.

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