Germany Collapsing into Civil War

We are currently witnessing a massive upheaval in Europe on par with the disastrous "war against war" a century ago. One way or another the current order is coming down. What will replace it will either be a nightmare state of mindless, soulless brown moon cultists or a restoration of our homelands. Which way, White man? One thing is clear "do nothing and hope it gets better" is off the table as an option in light of the jewish planned demolition, the invasion force of millions of "widows and orphans" fleeing "war." Apathy is now a vote for islamization, burning ruins and death. Resistance is support for our salvation.

With another ten million on the way, a flood of genetic, religious and culture sewage for tiny Europe, it's time to decide between survival or destruction, time to wonder if whatever crumbs fall from the kosher plate are worth our annihilation as a people.

Vigilante mobs have been attacking Pakistani and Syrians in Cologne, leaving at least two in hospital, following calls on social media for 'revenge' in the wake of the New Years Eve assaults. 

Apparently not every citizen of Germanistan is a gelded towel boy for the sultan's harem and his invading army. Whites are fighting for their women against a force of pure evil. Whites are standing up. Next up, full blown collapse and open civil war.

More than 500 criminal complains have now been filed over the events outside Cologne's famous cathedral on New Years Eve, where young women were sexually assaulted, raped and robbed. 

This is the end game of "diversity" and the multi-cult. A sea of identical looking and behaving monsters with three first names between them attacking their pathetic benefactors. Please cut my throat, moe-ham-head, it will prove I'm "good."

Rapefugees out!

Two Pakistani nationals were admitted to hospital after six men were attacked by a mob of 20 people near the city's main train station - the scene of the New Years Eve attacks - on Sunday.

The start of the reclamation or the last act of defiance? Only time will tell.

According to the Cologne Express newspaper, a group of 'hooligans, rockers and bouncers' linked up on Facebook for payback for the mass sexual frenzy on the last day of the year that was allegedly carried out largely by foreigners and refugees.

When it's patriotic Whites the slurs come out and everything is stated as a certainty. When it's the mudslime invader everything is "alleged" and we're reminded these are poor lost sheep who just want a place to live and suck taxes and rape.

Police confirmed one Syrian man was also hurt in an attack on Sunday, which took place just 20 minutes after the first, but is believed to have been carried out by a separate group of five men.

What will it be, Germany? Will you be cuckolded by the foreign invader or are you going to do something?

Today, the minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, the German state where Cologne is located, admitted that people of foreign descent were responsible for virtually all of the violence on New Year's Eve in the city.

Yeah. No shit.

Resisting the rot.

'All signs point to these being north Africans and people from the Arab world,' he added. 'Based on what we know now from the investigation, asylum seekers who arrived in the past year are among the suspects.'

I know, I was surprised too.

The city, which has a population of just over one million, has more than 120,000 practicing Muslim residents and the largest Jewish communities in Germany. Just over 5.5 per cent are born in Turkey.

Fleeing the "war" currently going on in Turkey, I would imagine. This is White genocide.

The assaults on women in Cologne and other German cities have prompted more than 600 criminal complaints, with the police investigation focusing on asylum seekers and migrants.

Being completely vindicated, again, is cold comfort in light of Europe's imminent death.

The anti-Islam political movement, PEGIDA, whose supporters threw bottles and fire crackers at a march in Cologne on Saturday before being dispersed by riot police, will hold a rally in the eastern German city of Leipzig on Monday evening.

 Germany is finished. White nation restored or Eurabian caliphate. What will it be?

Full Story.

 The barbarians are inside the gates.


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