More than 100 Shot in Chiraq Tribal Warfare

The U.S.S.A. doesn't have a gun problem, it has a negro problem. This failed branch of humanity brings death and misery anywhere they gather in number, from the Chicongo vacant lots to Paris no-go zones to the African all against all. Low intelligence and high aggressiveness combine with a lack of future time orientation to create the same predictable pathology over and over. Attempts to prop up the evolutionary dead end are doomed to failure. Genetic determinism laughs at the do-gooding and useless appeasement.

In the kosher Midwest plantation one hundred living fossils have already received the "Drillinois" treatment in 2016, the current year, bigot. This unbelievable malfunction occurred during bitter cold. It's going to be a long hot summer, but maybe turning in your gun and giving up your rights will fix these animals. It's the right thing to do.

Seven people were shot to death and 30 more were wounded across Chicago over the weekend, raising the number of shootings in the city to more than 100 in just over a week into the new year, according to police.

The content of their character. Decades of negro privilege, special rights, hand-outs, groveling and total and willful denial of reality have landed us here. Just got back from the morgue, seven dead negroes stretched out. Nigga bodies, Ah! Ah!

The fatal shootings included two teens killed by a store clerk during a robbery in the Gresham neighborhood on the South Side, and one of three people shot at a party four blocks from Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home.

Robberies gone wrong and a bongo party within walking distance of the skeletal jew ruler. The city is literally dying, being fully consumed by the African heart of darkness and don't forget the natural conservative la-teen-oh invader.

As of Monday morning, at least 19 people have been killed in gun violence in Chicago this year and at least 101 more have been wounded, according to data compiled by the Tribune. 

Go back to your Negro Felon League and kosher pornography, Whitey. Nothing to see here, this certainly isn't an entire city devouring itself.

Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi released a statement blaming most of the violence on "chronic gang conflicts."

Doesn't quite have the same je nais se quoi as "tribal warfare" but it will have to do. Apparently firing the careerist police chief didn't immediately fix the brown animal. Imagine that.

"Every year Chicago Police recover more illegal guns than officers in any other city, and as more and more illegal guns continue to find their way into our neighborhoods it is clear we need stronger state and federal gun laws," Guglielmi said in the statement.

"By creating lots of hurdles for honest people to clear when legitimately purchasing a firearm we'll somehow stop the illegal gun smuggling." I'm sure Barkevious got his "gat" via the "gun show loophole." Give up your rights, it will miracle the coal monster into behaving in a semi-civilized fashion.

"Despite an overall lack of cooperation from gang members, detectives are working aggressively and making optimistic progress in several cases."

Chiraq, the city of optimism. We've got most of the dead "minorities" cleaned up, things are turning around.

Full Story.

Optimistic progress.


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