New York: Basic Civility Declared "Racist"

The first casualty of "diversity" is the quality of life. Long before the "random attacks" and "isolated incidents" begin, before the area is fundamentally transformed into a third world sewer, the standards of proper behavior that are taken for granted in a healthy and homogeneous White nation are ravaged by predictable "minority" malfunction. This means gangs of negro criminals wandering aimlessly against the backdrop of a civilization they can't even comprehend, let alone build or maintain. It means sawed-off la-teen-oh invaders spreading filth and yammering in a foreign language. It means moe-ham-head the moon cultist with its eager hands and strident calls to pray to the cube while presenting to the fighting age man directly behind. It means the jew behind the scenes, counting the shekels and eagerly spreading spiritual poison among the goyim.

It means a turd-colored animal pissing on a sidewalk while the "five oh" look the other way because dealing with this pathology is "races."

New York City’s city council is set to dilute a host of criminal laws including laws against public urination and excessive noise because council members believe too many members of minorities are getting arrested.

It must be "profiling" and not the inherent genetic inferiority of the negro savage and the may-hee-can welfare colonist. We don't want to be called names, so let the jungle monster mark its territory and blast (c)rap "music" at all hours. It's a small price to pay for the exciting enrichment of seeing something out of an anthropology text attempting to wear human clothes while it staggers around a dead city.

The New York Police Department already relaxed its enforcement of many quality-of-life laws after years of enforcing exactly such laws led to record lows of crime in the once-much-grittier city, reports The New York Times.

Sure the crime was down, but at what cost? We were called names. It would be better if dark creatures straight from a nightmare were literally using the streets as a toilet.

“We know that the system has been really rigged against communities of color in particular,” council member Melissa Mark-Viverito, a Democrat, told the Times.

The rule of law, it's a trick bag "rigged" against the people of tar color. It must be, because we all know that the Holy Mother Synagogue teaches everyone is equal, so all those brown paws holding on to green bars must be caused by some sort of elaborate White Devil con game where we turn these animals loose but then try to hold them to an impossibly high standard with rules like "don't pull it out in public." Just ask a sinecure la-teen-oh, always a source of wisdom and insight. It bee a trick bag mudda fudda, I theeeennnk.

“So the question has always been, what can we do in this job to minimize unnecessary interaction with the criminal justice system, so that these young people can really fulfill their potential?”

How can we ignore the rot devouring our city? This has always been the question, am I right? We don't want to, I don't know, keep things from burning or whatever, so let's find ways to insure the collapse is swift and complete.

Dat fulfilled potential doe.

The laws are designed to make several quality-of-life laws much more toothless. Misdemeanor crimes to be nearly-but-not-quite decriminalized include public urination, excessive noise, drinking in public, marijuana possession and miscellaneous public park-related infractions.

I bet this leads to a significant improvement in the quality of life, as you would logically expect.

Police would still retain the option of actually arresting offenders.

We saw how well this sort of discretion worked in the Baltimore all against all.

Quality-of-life laws in general — and the problem of public urination in particular — have become a source of passionate debate in New York City during the last year as the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken root and, simultaneously, unseemly people and various guttersnipes have begun peeing, pooping and masturbating in public with considerable frequency.  

It's almost as if a functioning society is a fragile thing that can be easily destroyed by cultural marxist insanity, but on the other hand we don't want to arrest Dajewjuan for bopping the bishop on a subway because it's "races."

“The mayor has made a clear commitment to reducing unnecessary arrests while protecting the quality of life of all our residents,” de Blasio spokeswoman Monica Klein said in a milquetoast statement obtained by the Times.

If the jew approves of it, it must be good.

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