No Place for Hate

Please watch this amazing video.

Yesterday we discussed the failure of a crusading White pedagogue sodomite. In today's post we get a quick glimpse of the reason said failure occurred. A negress jumps on a table and begins hooting and eeking in an incoherent fashion, possibly upset over nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) or noting that a classmate is actually "yella." The description provided speculates our tar-complected anti-hero was caught smoking "something." The content of their character. A dark monster stands up for its "civil rights" to use crack cocaine in a public school, another hero of the negro appeasement movement. More needs to be done, so much more.

But that's not all! Basic "welcome to the monkey house" behavior is not enough to warrant inclusion here, after all. If it was there would be a dozen of these videos every day, maybe more. No, this is no mere case of big chimping. Look past the national geographic display and you'll note the walls are covered in Orwellian posters assuring us that "hate" is not welcome in this negro nest. Then the White authorities try to reason with the animal, provoking more outbursts.  

This video is clearly a metaphor for the present day U.S.S.A. The negro out of control. Helpless Whites trying to reason with it because any practical solution is "races." Eroding rule of law. Jewish propaganda all over the walls. Just remember how evil you are, Whitey. Now try to eat your Obama meal while La-ah goes ape on the table. This is how it ends. We were afraid of being called names. We didn't want to "hate." Do the right thing. Whimper and die.

As a quick programming note I'd like to mention that I let "I'm [fornicating] for god" day pass without comment this year. Frankly, it doesn't deserve any. The truth about our leper saint is all over the internet, there's no excuse any more.


  1. One of the best blogs around that I look forward to reading each day. Like Nathan said yesterday, such superb writing there is no way I can add to it.


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