Utah Muslim Batters Sodomite, Demands Oral Sex

We need a lot more muslim rapefugees in Utah and all the other vanishing White enclaves of our dead nation. Their great and peaceful religion is definitely compatible with our sacred Western values of sodomy, jew feminism, nihilism and equality madness. We'll miracle the swarthy hordes into good little taxpayers and consumers, just wait and see. Meanwhile, a deranged moon god fanatic had a rich cultural exchange with an all-American mental defective, another triumph of our mighty salad bowl. Don't expect any outrage, the kosher spiritual sickness that was endlessly promoted in the disastrous jewish century is a weapon used against Whites and only Whites.

After unbuttoning his pants and partially exposing himself, a Utah man repeatedly yelled at his victim to perform oral sex on him during a brutal anti-gay hate crime in December, according to reports.

Stone cube cultist commits "anti-gay" "hate crime." Moe-ham-head is also clearly "gay." Logic trap.

Mohamed Fathi Oanaw (above left), 23, later told police he assaulted the victim on two separate occasions because he’s Muslim and “hates gay boys.” 

Moon worshiping invader unsuccessfully battles his own down-low pathology. You're a big man, moe. Hit that sodomite. That should distract everyone from your own degenerate urges.

Oanaw and his wife, 38-year-old Mayra Dinora Casas (above right), were arrested Dec. 12 and face felony robbery and other charges in connection with the incident in St. George, Utah, which police have classified as a hate crime.

Robbery gone wrong, isolated incident, more moose-limbs for Montana...wait, the victim was a pervert with a damaged rectum? Better get going on those "hate crime" charges.

Closeted sandman and the burka bag that didn't excite it.

When the victim and his female friend arrived, Oanaw surprised them by charging out of a bedroom, according to reports from Q Salt Lake and The St. George Spectrum.

Desert alien launches a surprise attack! Allahu Akbar!

“[Oanaw] punched [the victim] and knocked him back towards the kitchen while continuing to scream sexual slurs at him,” a police report states. “[Oanaw] grabbed a chair to swing at [the victim], but it was taken from him by [the woman who lives at the residence]. [Casas] was present and yelled slurs at [the victim] while yelling for [Oanaw] to ‘get the fag.’”

We need a lot more of these animals in White nations. A lot more Whites becoming sodomites, too. Somehow this will work out.

The report then states Oanaw allegedly unbuttoned his pants and partially exposed himself while repeatedly yelling at the gay man to perform a sex act on him, according to Q Salt Lake.

It's not the pedophilia or scared goat the which way to Mecca gots to pray to the rock brigade prefers, but it will have to do.

“When I arrived on scene, Mayra stated repeatedly that [Oanaw] was mad about ‘gay sh-t’ and that [the victim] was a ‘faggot’ who wanted to ‘f–k my husband,'” the arresting officer wrote. “Mohamed kept stating he hated ‘gay boys’ and that he was Muslim.”

Clearly we need to get you "folks" back to undermining traditional values and attacking Whites instead of turning on each other. You can enjoy the all against all once healthy Whites are all gone, society has collapsed and the ruins of the U.S.S.A. become a cannibal state.

The Spectrum notes that couple could face federal hate crime charges.

That or the memory hole.


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