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My Damned Duty

A childless sociopath has taken every possible action to destroy her own nation, allowing an unprecedented invasion of a massive foreign army. It's all worth it for the magazine covers and little jewish awards and this dreadful witch should be safely dead by the time Germany collapses and burns. This is what passes for leadership in the West. Allow the foreign moon cult horde to have its way, it's the right thing to do. Meanwhile other European countries are somewhat reluctant to place themselves on the moose-limb ash heap and must be reminded that it's very important that every White country be destroyed in the name of appeasing an enemy that hates us and wants us violently dead.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday night criticized countries along the so-called Balkan route into Europe for closing their borders to refugees and defended her more liberal approach to the migration crisis.

Let in the army of allah, stand in the corner holding a towel while your daughters…

Where a Negro Can Be a Negro

Long before the fires, the pack attacks and the tribal warfare begins "diversity" annihilates the trust and civility we take for granted in a White society. We don't notice this unspoken cooperation any more than a fish notices the water it's swimming in, at least until the healthy environment is completely ruined by genetic aliens. Then, when it's gone, the White Flight happens, all the while murmuring about "equality" and "a few bad ones" in most cases.  This was the history of homogeneous White communities during the latter half of the disastrous jewish century. Now, here in current year, running is no longer a solution (More Sudanese for Idaho!) and the equality myth is losing its grasp on many Whites. The days of polite passivity are over.

Meanwhile, the negro, as unaware and savage as ever, continues its jungle pathology, blissfully ignorant of the changing attitudes of its White benefactor.

More than a dozen people brawled at a suburban …

College Debt Victim: Trump is Hitler!

Back in 2014 I wrote an article speculating on what would replace the U.S.S.A. after its collapse. It was an interesting thought experiment, an opportunity to indulge in what seemed like baseless optimism while at the same time staring into the dark kosher abyss that appeared far more likely. Today we have a legitimate shot at the Authoritarian Paradise. If you're not going to vote for Donald Trump you probably have low testosterone issues or a malfunctioning amygdala. The words "last, best hope" get tossed around a lot, but I think it's fair to say Trump either represents White America's final gasp or is the bringer of a glorious new era. Is he perfect? No, and it's useless to expect that. Is he the best mainstream presidential candidate in the last century, maybe longer? Yes.

You can judge a man best by the quality of his enemies, and in this case it's clear we're dealing with the right man at the right time. Consider today's editorial by a stud…

Denmark: We Must Allow Rapefugees to Have Child Brides

There's a reason moose-limb countries are pathological hellholes and that reason isn't the warm weather, a lack of natural resources, smallpox, White "racism" or any of the other endless excuses. A country is its people and when those people are stone cube worshiping perverts with an I.Q. similar to the temperature of a pleasant summer day it's not a huge surprise that there's going to be a considerable amount of pathology. Naturally, the solution is to allow this biological neoplasm to metastasize into White nations where we'll somehow miracle these dangerous aliens into good little European Economic Union citizens. Of course, asking them to give up their Dark Age barbarism is "racist" so it makes sense to turn a blind eye on the sex attacks and rampant pedophilia because we don't want to be called mean names by the jewish nation-wrecker.

A high-profile imam has urged the Danish government to accept child brides, as the practice is part of t…

Chiraq Tribal Warfare Intensifies

We should see improvement out of the negro any day now. It's sure to happen if you keep paying and groveling and dying. We'll miracle away the low intelligence and propensity toward a high risk lifestyle by keeping the sacraments of our State Religion, by repeating comforting lies while trying to stay as far away from the spreading rot as possible. This madness must end. In Chicago the content of their character is laid bare and it's thoroughly corrupted. Here we see the end result of racial Flat Earth theory: poorly formed stone age tar monsters slaughtering each other while Whites continue to fund this massive pathology. The pace is accelerating.

Four homicides over the weekend and two more Monday morning pushed Chicago's homicide count so far this year to double the same period last year. 

It seems hard to believe, considering 2015 wasn't exactly a banner year for the safety of nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) or la-teen-oh welfare colonists, but there it is. Better not p…

The American People Get It

The U.S.S.A. is facing many challenges as it staggers out of the darkness of the disastrous jewish century and into the dying light of a new dark age, one from which there will be no reawakening. Challenges like White "racism" causing the negro to behave like a rabid animal. The problem of getting more la-teen-ohs across an open border at all cost. The difficult struggle for the right to have objects inserted into the rectum. And, of course, the endless unprovoked persecution of g*d's favorite people, the merchant carrying joy and love in his carpet bag, the wandering outsider sent to fix the world, the innocent and noble jew. Even in current year it appears the nation-wrecker is facing some tepid opposition to their planned demolition of White nations. This is a problem and here's why.

Three-quarters of American Jewish students say they witnessed or experienced anti-Semitism on a campus, American-Jewish leader Malcolm Hoenlein told Ynet on Wednesday.

The plague of ph…

Another Holohoax Movie for Germans

My spellcheck doesn't think Holodomor is a word. The Armenian massacre is the answer to a trivia question. The muslim world waged war against Christian Europe for a thousand years yet most people only know about the "atrocities" against innocent moon cultists (and jews!) during the Crusades. Genghis Khan killed forty million people. Jewish communism was responsible for one hundred million dead in the twentieth century, aka the jewish century. Whites are being attacked and replaced in our native lands. Now of the above matters or has any importance. The special and unique suffering of g*d's favorite people is all you need to know about and it should fill you with guilt, self-loathing and a desire to die.

With Germanistan being placed on history's ash heap in a pathological explosion of sanctimony, fear of being called names and a general failure of the self-preservation instinct it's critical that the vanishing indigenous German be reminded of their original s…

Dr. Negro, T.N.B.

On the talmudvision the negro can do no wrong. They're heroic and cool detectives, arresting an endless parade of depraved White criminals. They're the wise judges, dispensing firm but fair punishments on the "races" White "hate crime" defendants. They're genius scientists, inventing exciting new peanut recipes and helping to fix a world damaged by the presence of Ice People. They're highly sexually desirable, hint, hint. And, of course, hard-working, intelligent and dedicated medical professionals, dispensing socialized medicine to victims of exotic European diseases. For a large, albeit rapidly shrinking, number of Whites the negro as presented on the telavivision is the only negro they know. Why are we denying these noble, self-sacrificing and high future time orientation people their "rahts" they might wonder. They're just a better version of Whites with a real nice sun-tan. And a flat nose. And a sloping forehead. And burry hair. …

Foreign Invaders Block Traffic in Chiraq

I try to present a fair and balanced picture of the Chicongo rot, addressing not just the negroes ventilated while sitting in cars by their fellow tar monsters but also the ones shot while walking down alleys in tribal warfare carnage. I also make every effort to point out the jewish zookeeper loosely holding the reigns on these animals. Despite these heroic exertions someone has been left out, tragically so, another example of "discrimination" that must be corrected for the benefit of long-dead evolutionary failures. I'm talking about the la-teen-oh, the unsung hero of the Chicago collapse whose workmanlike criminality and looting is often lost amid the far more flamboyant negro chaos.

Yes, it's time to congratulate the may-hee-can invader for committing the crimes Whites won't do and helping to take up whatever societal destruction slack remains during the customary one hundred brown outsiders shot weekends the Windy City is famous for. Let's salute the Lat…

President's Day


Thought Crime Fever

In honor of Uncle Ted naming the jew behind gun control I feel a song coming on. Cue that familiar opening riff...

Well I don't know where the rootless cosmopolitan comes from, but they sure do come
Looks like they're targeting me
And I don't know why they want White Genocide but they sure want it bad
The jew will even do it for free!

They give me thought crime fever
Thought crime fever

The first time I got jew-wise I was just ten years old
Got it from a real-talking "racist" next door
I turned on the talmudvision to get me the cure
I think I got it some more  

They give me thought crime fever
Thought crime fever
Got a wrongthink fever
The thought crime fever

I'm not apologizing 
I feel no pain
I want a deportation train
You know you got it when you're questioning the holohoax
I makes the nation-wrecker cry, cry, cry oh won't you stop the kosher lie

*righteous guitar soloing*

 Well I make the merchant wail with a stroke of the keys
 They know they're not conning me

Dealing With Rapefugees: The Finland Answer

From the very aptly named "Face of a dying nation" Youtube channel we present today's subject. Please watch this amazing video.

Yes, this is real, courtesy of Finland's police department. Action music plays as a lone White woman walks in front of a rotting urban hellscape, I mean vibrant and exciting modern urban area. A man as White as the snow he's walking on approaches with bad intent, yet another White European Christian suffering from a sexual emergency, a being of pure evil, not like those good little moe-ham-head women and children fleeing war. Fortunately his chosen victim has been schooled by jewish feminism in cutting edge self-defense, namely holding out an open hand and saying "no." Standing athwart of the rapefugee invasion with our hand out, shouting "please stop." That should work, if only all the forgotten victims had known.

Suffice it to say the villain flees this righteous display, even making apologetic gestures. Maybe she c…

The Sexual Emergency

We're facing a choice between nationalism, borders and the rule of law or communism, one world madness and chaos. It's either the restoration of our homelands or the multicultural nightmare state. Everything else is an illusion and a distraction. It's critical we remember that. Arguments about "the right thing to do" and "what about these poor children" should be discarded as the jewish nonsense that they are. No one is going to wonder if the winner was "right" and a future for White children is being destroyed in the name of sanctimony and fear. Self-loathing is not a virtue and committing suicide doesn't earn one a place in heaven.

There is still time to reverse the disastrous jewish century, to turn back the tides of oblivion drowning White nations, but we no longer have the luxury of making mistakes. The hour is late, the cost of failure higher than we could possibly imagine. In Western Europe the bill for decades of apathy, materialis…

The Unfortunate Consequences of National Suicide

The West is about to be placed on the ash heap, defeated in a war where the enemy army adopted the bizarre but somehow effective tactic of simply walking across open borders and then making demands of their hated, broken European enemy. The spiritual cancer in Europe has spread through the body politic to the point where they were powerless to resist this unbelievable outrage. Come on it, "women and children," we have to do this to survive, a skeletal jew said so. Now, with extinction and genocide staring them down some Europeans are offering timid criticism toward this unprecedented national self-immolation. Perhaps millions of dangerous alien moon cult perverts are not, in fact, conducive to long-term stability. Please don't send me to the Miniluv for noticing reality, kosher overlords.

The head of Norway’s Police Security Service (SSP) warns that the importation of large numbers of migrants who fail to assimilate into western society could spark civil unrest and a grou…