Another Holohoax Movie for Germans

My spellcheck doesn't think Holodomor is a word. The Armenian massacre is the answer to a trivia question. The muslim world waged war against Christian Europe for a thousand years yet most people only know about the "atrocities" against innocent moon cultists (and jews!) during the Crusades. Genghis Khan killed forty million people. Jewish communism was responsible for one hundred million dead in the twentieth century, aka the jewish century. Whites are being attacked and replaced in our native lands. Now of the above matters or has any importance. The special and unique suffering of g*d's favorite people is all you need to know about and it should fill you with guilt, self-loathing and a desire to die.

With Germanistan being placed on history's ash heap in a pathological explosion of sanctimony, fear of being called names and a general failure of the self-preservation instinct it's critical that the vanishing indigenous German be reminded of their original sin (muh six zillion!) even as the immigration shotgun rests in their mouths and the big toe gropes for the trigger. Never forget how inherently evil you are, White man. You deserve your coming genocide, you must be destroyed by foreign invasion from without and kosher spiritual neoplasms from within. This is the endless semitic message, sometimes cloaked in little girl mythologies for easier consumption.

Germany's first feature-length biopic of Anne Frank premiered this week in Berlin, with the film about persecution against the teenage Jewish diarist carrying added meaning as Europe grapples with its biggest post-war refugee crisis.

Oy, an innocent teen girl and her magic pen right up the chimney. We can never atone for this evil, but allowing an invasion of rapefugees is at least a step in the right direction, a step toward an open grave dug with the communist shovel.

"If our film about the fate of a persecuted and destroyed Jewish family can contribute to a more positive attitude towards refugees, then we can all be proud," he said about the family, most of whose members died in Nazi concentration camps.

A family destroyed! "Most" of them dead! Don't you feel better about the moe-ham-head sex attacks in light of this kosher fantasy? Let's have a positive attitude toward our pathetic national suicide.

Attitudes are split in Europe over a record refugee influx, with mostly eastern EU nations wanting asylum seekers kept out while others are adopting a more welcoming attitude, including Germany which took in over one million asylum seekers last year.

While Eastern Europe rediscovers nationalism and pride in their heritage the West preps the moose-limb bull. Come on in, violent and moronic invaders! Take whatever you want! Here's my daughter!

 Women and children, innocent teen girls fleeing the death camps.

"If you start today to talk about her fate, about sincerity and ... to speak about the sentence 'He who saves one life, saves the whole world', then, as makers of the film, we would have achieved a lot," he told the mostly teenage audience.

If everything you care about must be destroyed in order to "save lives," well, too bad shkotzim.

More than 30 million copies have been sold, and numerous adaptations of the book have been made, including in theatre, television series and film.

"Numerous" is right. In White countries can't turn around without running into a nation-wrecker wailing about muh holohoax. More ugly spirit-crushing "memorials," more books and films, more shekels for "survivors," more poorly disguised hatred for the endangered White population.

But the Anne Frank Fonds, which hold the rights to the written work, said it was time for another major film production.

There's money to be made and we can attack the goyim. Yes, it's time.

Using the material, the film team was able to piece together a picture of the Frank's family life, and director Hans Steinbichler said each scene in the film "had a source".

The source in question is an evil jew's wicked imaginations, but I guess that still counts.

"To try to lift this block, I started to write letters to Anne, in which I told her some things about me," said van Acken, who was sporting short hair at the premiere after her long locks were shorn in one of the closing scenes of the film depicting Anne's arrival at the Auschwitz death camp.

Wow, a "death camp." I bet they electric belted her and then fed her into the bone-crushing machine.

The diarist died of typhus in Bergen-Belsen in 1945. 

Oh. I see.


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