Dealing With Rapefugees: The Finland Answer

From the very aptly named "Face of a dying nation" Youtube channel we present today's subject. Please watch this amazing video.

Yes, this is real, courtesy of Finland's police department. Action music plays as a lone White woman walks in front of a rotting urban hellscape, I mean vibrant and exciting modern urban area. A man as White as the snow he's walking on approaches with bad intent, yet another White European Christian suffering from a sexual emergency, a being of pure evil, not like those good little moe-ham-head women and children fleeing war. Fortunately his chosen victim has been schooled by jewish feminism in cutting edge self-defense, namely holding out an open hand and saying "no." Standing athwart of the rapefugee invasion with our hand out, shouting "please stop." That should work, if only all the forgotten victims had known.

Suffice it to say the villain flees this righteous display, even making apologetic gestures. Maybe she called him "racist." That would definitely provoke this reaction in most Scandinavian White males.

Daylight sex attack by White male stopped by "talk to the hand."

Of course, there's more. Here we go again, the pale monster, the man carrying inherent criminality in his very genetic code, the representative of a race that must die so Europe can be saved is giving it another go. This time a mighty two-handed push sends the Son of Vikings sprawling. Butt-kicking girls fighting the evil horny creepy azz crakas, it's just like something out of a jewish movie but I'm sure it will work in real life. Just push with all your "can't bench press the bar" strength ladies, that should save you from fighting age jihadans unleashed in your rapidly dying country.

You need to be armed. 

We get one final approach as this is starting to resemble a deeply sick cartoon more than an instructional video. This time our proud careerist female who has no need for a man or White children lashes out with her purse, laying waste to the R1b menace. Unless you're carrying some lead bars around in that thing, I wouldn't recommend it. 

Coming this Fall, an Abe Cohen Production, "Finland Girl."

There it is, horrible advice for women from a criminal government. Don't arm yourselves, don't seek out non-gelded White men for protection (Might be difficult to find any, in fairness), don't show any situational awareness (Your attacker is likely to be White!), be sure not to have any children and die. This is the final goal of kosher feminism and unchecked foreign invasion, the goal of White genocide. The jew enemy wants us dead. I think we should disappoint them. We must protect our White women. 


  1. Not police department. This was made by YLE and yes its sadly funded with taxes.


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