Dr. Negro, T.N.B.

On the talmudvision the negro can do no wrong. They're heroic and cool detectives, arresting an endless parade of depraved White criminals. They're the wise judges, dispensing firm but fair punishments on the "races" White "hate crime" defendants. They're genius scientists, inventing exciting new peanut recipes and helping to fix a world damaged by the presence of Ice People. They're highly sexually desirable, hint, hint. And, of course, hard-working, intelligent and dedicated medical professionals, dispensing socialized medicine to victims of exotic European diseases. For a large, albeit rapidly shrinking, number of Whites the negro as presented on the telavivision is the only negro they know. Why are we denying these noble, self-sacrificing and high future time orientation people their "rahts" they might wonder. They're just a better version of Whites with a real nice sun-tan. And a flat nose. And a sloping forehead. And burry hair. And sickle cell...

Meanwhile, back in stupid old reality, where all the wonderful teachings of cultural marxism find themselves exposed by the banality of "minority" evil, we're about to meet a real negro "doctor." No, not that sleepy surgeon that tried to murder his own mother. I'm talking about a magic negro "teen" who used a combination of "dindu nuffin" dishonesty and the insanely trusting nature of Whites to run a "muh dikk" scam. Yes, the real life negro is a little different than the tar golems the jew presents on the electronic synagogue.

A South Florida teenager is in jail after he played doctor with real patients for the second time in just over a year, authorities say.

Those crazy "teens" and their innocent, wacky pranks. You were young once, right? Who among us didn't pretend to be a medical practitioner a few times? Just healthy exuberance from a "youth" who obviously has a bright future, perhaps as a cuckservative presidential candidate twenty years from now.

Malachi Love-Robinson, 18, known as “Dr. Robinson” to his patients, was arrested after he allegedly gave physical exams and medical advice to people — including an undercover officer — at a “holistic medical clinic” he founded in West Palm Beach. 

"Sheeet, I bee gibbin' da mad-cal vice fo' dee hoe list madzine." This is the end game of the "equality" lie, where ugliness, stupidity and failure have become so common that we don't find it unusual when a living fossil not even old enough to legally purchase "dat foety" is making big Obanna card "chedda."

We be doctor nao.

Sources say Love-Robinson is the same teen caught in January 2015 masquerading as a doctor at St. Mary’s Medical Center, peeking in on gynecology exams and keeping a wardrobe of lab coats in his car.
This is like the Manhattan Project of negro "muh dikk" schemes. With that strong 90 I.Q. and ability to trick an apathetic and dying society this creature should be promoted to the moon at any job it wants.

Dr. Sebastian Kent, an OB/GYN whose office is on the St. Mary’s Medical Center grounds, said he was amazed to hear that the same teen who had introduced himself as a doctor a year ago had been accused of impersonating a doctor a second time.

I can't believe a negro pervert and low-effort con artist would go on to commit more crimes. After all, he was probably "turning his life around" and "about to go to college (and medical school, no doubt!)" at the time of the arrest.

Muh medical practice.

“I’ve been in practice for 36 years, this is the first time something like this has happened,” he said. “It’s very strange. Very, very strange.”

It's almost like the U.S.S.A. is rapidly collapsing into chaos, but in my gated community things are fine so I'm sure it's not a big problem.

His website boasts that he holds a Ph.D., an “HHP-C” and an “AMP-C,” though it is unclear what the latter two designations stand for.

I gots dat AMP-C, nigga. "Another Moronic Primate-Creature?" Seems likely. 

“This guy can schmooze his way around, he can tell any story you want to hear,” Kent said. “That’s what he tried to do with me — he tried to ingratiate himself with me so I would take him around, and after a while it started to not make sense to me. I thought something was wrong.”

He told me he didn't do [anything] and because I didn't want to be accused of "racism" I went along with it.

According to Healthgrades.com, a website that ranks doctors, Love-Robinson has a five-star rating, based on two reviews. 

Just when you thought modern America couldn't become a bigger joke than it already is.

According to his grandfather, William Robinson, it’s all a big misunderstanding. He said his grandson never claimed to be a medical doctor, only a holistic doctor, and that he had received proper certification to practice.

It bee mis-unner-tanding, mudda fugga. I beee hol-stick doc-tar an sheeet.

Those certificates are from online schools, Robinson said, though he wasn’t sure which ones. He said his grandson’s certificates were hung on the walls of his office.

The Barry Soetoro of the medical profession.

He described his grandson as a passionate person who is smart and driven. Among his accomplishments, Robinson said, was his position as an “up-and-coming minister” at New Birth Outreach Ministries, the church where William Robinson is pastor.

If the "we bee sur-jan" con falls through there's always the exciting field of corrupt negro preacher. Failing that, maybe aspiring rapper or basketball player?

“He’s not out doing drugs, he’s not out trying to rob nobody,” Robinson said. “He’s trying to do something constructive, and if he did do something and the paperwork wasn’t right — he can get ahead of himself sometimes and he may have been trying too hard, but he had good intentions.”

The amazing "good intentions" of the negro criminal. It just wanted to look at White vagina and get paid for dispensing useless and inept advice. What a hero.

Upon hearing of Love-Robinson’s arrest, Kent said he was shocked, but ultimately unsurprised.

Yeah. No shit.

Full Story.

He had good intentions.


  1. This story has been around the internet for a couple of days now but I'm very glad I decided to wait and read it here. Wonderful take on the negro doctor impersonator, A.J. Meanwhile, we have a half-negro in Washington pretending to be a president. "Muh country".


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