Foreign Invaders Block Traffic in Chiraq

I try to present a fair and balanced picture of the Chicongo rot, addressing not just the negroes ventilated while sitting in cars by their fellow tar monsters but also the ones shot while walking down alleys in tribal warfare carnage. I also make every effort to point out the jewish zookeeper loosely holding the reigns on these animals. Despite these heroic exertions someone has been left out, tragically so, another example of "discrimination" that must be corrected for the benefit of long-dead evolutionary failures. I'm talking about the la-teen-oh, the unsung hero of the Chicago collapse whose workmanlike criminality and looting is often lost amid the far more flamboyant negro chaos.

Yes, it's time to congratulate the may-hee-can invader for committing the crimes Whites won't do and helping to take up whatever societal destruction slack remains during the customary one hundred brown outsiders shot weekends the Windy City is famous for. Let's salute the Latin American sewage and their contribution to the coming all against all. And be sure not to deport any of them! After all, White countries are for everyone.

A dozen protesters were arrested Tuesday morning, after blocking traffic on Congress Parkway as part of an anti-deportation rally that lasted more than an hour.

A dozen alien burrito-biters cause massive disruption and make the news with a half-assed "Western Civ has got to go!" rally. Sawed-off shit-colored criminals yammering in a foreign language, inconveniencing the remaining Whites, demanding the rule of law be completely dismantled and generally proving why "diversity" is such a mighty strength.

Shortly before 8 a.m., about 50 protesters began blocking traffic on eastbound Congress at LaSalle Street, outside a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office.

I would like to announce an exciting new invention for the White motorist. Have you, yes you!, suffered the nightmare of "driving while White?" Had the road to careerism and empty materialism blocked by a failed branch of humanity? Don't want to ruin your future when the black lives splatter off the bumper? Well, never fear, the new Modern Heretic Minority-Catcher attachment for your car will allow you to drive right through the inferiors, saving time and safely removing Juan and Barkevious with a minimum of damage to the precious nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) that matter so very much. Act now! All major credit cards accepted!

While a few dozen protesters chanted from along the curb, at least 10 demonstrators chained themselves together, or used bicycle U-locks to shackle themselves to a pair of 8-foot high ladders. The ladders held up up a banner reading “Dismantle ICE, Defund The Police!”

No borders! Get rid of the police! The total and complete destruction of the U.S.S.A. is not happening fast enough for these taco-benders. Come on, hurry up and die. Another compelling and well-considered argument from the two-legged biological weapon released by the jew.

The demonstrators were protesting U.S. immigration policies, and law enforcement raids on immigrants’ homes. Protesters demanded an end to all deportations.

Some la-teen-ohs were deported in 2006 and they're still angry, I guess. We all know the sodomite mulatto puppet loves the foreign invader and dismantled our national sovereignty to fully express that affection. What are these dumb midget monsters even protesting? It's pathetic.

Some protesters placed bicycle u-locks around their necks or legs to secure themselves to ladders. Others chained themselves to what appeared to be large tubs of cement.

R.I.P. U.S.S.A. We chained ourselves to a large tub of what appeared to be cement. Because we didn't want to be "races."

More needs to be done.

Police said a dozen protesters were arrested. Traffic on Congress began moving again around 9:30 a.m., as the remaining protesters headed to the Central District police station at 18th and State streets.

Just another morning in a dead nation, nothing to see here, hey why don't you get hooked on narcotics?

We need a lot more of this in the Middle West.


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