My Damned Duty

A childless sociopath has taken every possible action to destroy her own nation, allowing an unprecedented invasion of a massive foreign army. It's all worth it for the magazine covers and little jewish awards and this dreadful witch should be safely dead by the time Germany collapses and burns. This is what passes for leadership in the West. Allow the foreign moon cult horde to have its way, it's the right thing to do. Meanwhile other European countries are somewhat reluctant to place themselves on the moose-limb ash heap and must be reminded that it's very important that every White country be destroyed in the name of appeasing an enemy that hates us and wants us violently dead.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday night criticized countries along the so-called Balkan route into Europe for closing their borders to refugees and defended her more liberal approach to the migration crisis.

Let in the army of allah, stand in the corner holding a towel while your daughters are raped. This is the more liberal approach, the final destruction of White homelands, the jewish twilight before an eternal night. Put yourself on the moe-ham-head pyre, Europe. It's the right thing to do.

Hurry up and kill your country you unclean meat.

“If one [country] closes its borders, another one has to suffer – this is not my Europe,” she said in an interview with German public broadcaster ARD.

Let's all share in the European Economic Union suicide pact. We need a lot more Somalis for Luxembourg. 

As other states along the Balkans route limit or block border access, a bottleneck of migrants has been growing in Greece, the first port of arrival that had previously waved most arrivals on north further into Europe.

Now to get this biological plague into the heart of Europe.

“We can’t just desert Greece. This is why we will talk – with Greece – about how we can re-install the Schengen [open border] system, step by step.”

How about some of that schengen system, goyim? Let 'em all in, you'll be fine, you can trust me, I'm a jew.

Asked about a comment by Luxemburg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn that Europe was in danger of “anarchy,” Merkel replied that her job as a politician was to solve a difficult situation, not to describe it.

My job is to kill my country, not describe the late-stage spiritual sickness devouring the body. 

“It’s my damned duty that Europe finds a common path,” she said.

Damned is right. Betrayers of their home, the worst fires of Hell await for them.


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