Phony Hate Crime Snow Job

Every human being is equal and full of special value. Some are much more equal than others. When Whites are targeted by "minorities" in the polar bear hunting, robbery gone wrong, isolated incidents and wrong place at the wrong time attacks it's memory hole material, another boring dog bites man story to be buried as efficiently as possible before anyone starts asking uncomfortable questions that might offend the State Religion. When an incorrectly formed nawrtzee symbol is found drawn with the very finger of hate in snow (The most "races" type of precipitation there is!) it's time to deploy every available resource, time for Operation Infinite Justice against the cold weather evil-doers. Then when the jew behind it gets caught, back to business as usual with no further comment. Hey, did you see the Africa Ball? Man, look at that boy run.

Temple University police on Saturday released security camera images of three people they said were sought in connection with a swastika and racial slur scrawled in snow on a car near the school's North Philadelphia campus.

Making hate doodles, snow demons, the worst "hate crime" imaginable. Let's examine security camera footage of the malefactors (Just like in the United Kaliphate!) kicking off a lengthy investigation of the Mind Crime. This is a good use of the limited resources we have available.

Did these Africa Ball cucks commit blasphemy?

A member of the Temple Black Student Union took a photo of the messages before the image was shared on social media.
"Sheeeet, dis in-sid-dent not be specious at all. Shoe is venient how dis done happen round da kill whitey act-a-vast."

"Temple University condemns the use of these symbols and language in the strongest terms," a statement from the school said. "The university will make every effort to identify those responsible, and will hold them accountable."  
The Holy Office of the Inquisition and defenders of Holy Mother Synagogue denounce these signs and wonders of the Fallen One crafted through evil witchcrafts. We will make every effort to track down those within this Modern Canaan who are trafficking with the devil and his demons and burn them at the stake.

Anyone with information was asked to call campus police at 215-204-6493 or submit a tip at the agency's website. 

If your routine spying and vigilance against "hate" turns up some crime think be sure to inform the proper authorities. Will you be the hero that turns in your friends? Let's hope so. Hey, I wonder who wrote this article?

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Every. Single. Time. It would be wrong to contact this jew and let the chosenite know what we think about all of this, so be sure not to do that.

Another hate crime hoax.


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