The American People Get It

The U.S.S.A. is facing many challenges as it staggers out of the darkness of the disastrous jewish century and into the dying light of a new dark age, one from which there will be no reawakening. Challenges like White "racism" causing the negro to behave like a rabid animal. The problem of getting more la-teen-ohs across an open border at all cost. The difficult struggle for the right to have objects inserted into the rectum. And, of course, the endless unprovoked persecution of g*d's favorite people, the merchant carrying joy and love in his carpet bag, the wandering outsider sent to fix the world, the innocent and noble jew. Even in current year it appears the nation-wrecker is facing some tepid opposition to their planned demolition of White nations. This is a problem and here's why.

Three-quarters of American Jewish students say they witnessed or experienced anti-Semitism on a campus, American-Jewish leader Malcolm Hoenlein told Ynet on Wednesday.

The plague of phony hate crimes and even possible thought crime. An unclean piece of meat gave me an unkind glance! Some shkotzim that isn't worth a jewish fingernail implied that our blind loyalty to Israel is not always a good thing! Oy, the horrible anti-semitism from the cattle! Clearly, we need more laws and fewer rights, the jew occasionally experiences discomfort while it gnaws at the foundations of the West.

"It's not Europe yet, but (anti-Semitism) is definitely on the rise," said Hoenlein, the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, which is held this week in Jerusalem for the 42nd year.  

Not Europe, but we're working on it. We need thought crime laws, cameras on every corner overlooking the mosque, a mud flood of worthless rapefugees and a dispirited White population battered into pathetic submission.

Despite that, Hoenlein said ties between Jerusalem and Washington remain stable.

Just watch a Republican debate if you don't believe it.

"America has one reliable ally, one 'aircraft carrier' in this whole region that it can count on at any time, where it can preposition a billion dollar in equipment and it'll be there in six months," he said.

YHVH bless America, that reliable and stupid golem that we can use as an ATM for all our warmongering and nation destabilizing needs. Good old Uncle Sucker and his endless blank checks to fund our criminality. Don't worry, we control America.

"We tend to glorify relationships in the past," he said. "We always had these moments of tensions, but the fundamentals of the relationship are really what's important.

That USS Liberty incident, the spy rings, the dancing 9/11 Israelis...little moments of tension that mean nothing. The U.S.S.A. remains happily enslaved to our destructive impulses.

"We need every part of the American people to stand with Israel, and that means there has to be sensitivity, there has to be understanding about who you're talking to, what we're saying. But the American people get it. It's quite remarkable the degree to which they do despite a lot of the media distortion." 

Despite distortions from a media that's gentile controlled and presents endless pro-White propaganda the American sucker continues the slouch toward the kosher grave. It's really quite remarkable.

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  1. chill out bro, the world is overpopulated and causing irreversible environmental damage.

    Our good ol jews will genocide us out of this problem.


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