The Jobs We Won't Do

Today is a turning point in American history, the first primary caucus where ordinary rural Whites will decide our future direction. One choice, represented by every candidate not named Donald Trump, is continuing the current slouch toward zion: jewish communism, foreign invasion, burning cities, vanishing jobs, declining standards of living, degeneracy, spiritual cancer and White genocide. On the other side we have nationalism: the crazy idea that we should look out for our own interests first, that charity begins at home, that we owe nothing to foreign invaders and coal-colored domestic terrorists, that the avarice of already obscenely wealthy jews is not the best guide for policy decisions.

That's what we'll be voting for. The long road back, perhaps sanity's last stand, the raging at the dying light or pathetic submission and the final destruction of whatever remains of the U.S.S.A. Chose carefully Iowa, we're all counting on you.

At the 3 p.m. shift change Friday, compact cars rimmed with road salt and dirt rolled up to the JBS Swift meatpacking plant, ranchera and salsa music trickling from a few rolled-down windows.

The rich and vibrant "diversity," a three thousand mile wide latrine eager to receive the kosher waste products. Just think of the food and music, goyim! Who would want to live in a world where burritos and may-hee-can music aren't readily available in their purest, dirtiest form. National suicide completely makes sense when faced with this culinary and tonal dilemma.

Hundreds of mostly brown-skinned men walked double-time into the plant, part of the wave of Latino immigrants who, over the last two decades, have transformed this city from a traditional farming community to what could be the most diverse municipality in overwhelmingly white Iowa.

The fundamental transformation. Sneaky and filthy brown aliens vomit out of the la-teen-oh clown car, taking our jobs and national dignity. And look at how unique and different they are! Identical looking and behaving brown monsters here to loot the national corpse, a reeking bowel movement from the Latin American anus.

The air smelled of slaughter - and money - as semitrailers full of hogs bellied up to the loading docks.

The country is lost, but there's shekels to be made and that's all that matters. I'm assuming the "hogs" line is referring to literal swine and not the obese, greasy, sawed-off natural conservative fence climbers, but I'm not totally convinced. We looked from pig to invader, from invader to pig, but already it was impossible to say which was which.

 Cultural marxism is a mental illness.

The blue-collar city, which has shed manufacturing jobs, epitomizes the economic squeeze of the American middle class.

"Middle class" should, as always, be read as "normal working Whites." Is there a group more consistently persecuted and vilified? Never in recorded history has a country's main productive demographic, the people holding back the collapse, also been the official holocaust goat blamed for all the evils released by the disastrous jewish century.

And Marshalltown has grappled for years with immigration, the issue that fires up conservative GOP base voters almost as much as terrorism.

This "grappling" consisted of a kosher bum-rush and then being held down and pummeled while the semitic tormentor cried out in pain after each crushing strike and kept screeching "racist!" at the helpless and bleeding victim.

Today, about a quarter of Marshalltown's population of 28,000 is Latino. By contrast, Hispanics make up about 6 percent of Iowa's population. A number of Burmese and Sudanese immigrants also have settled here.

Must be fleeing that "war" that's happening in every single non-White country.  We need a lot more Burmese and Sudanese hominids in Middle America.

Well, I'm convinced.

In the 1980s the meatpacking industry mechanized production, boosting output and slashing wages.

Now that we're more efficient and profitable you're getting a pay cut. This is logical.

Meat processors already faced a labor shortage as the U.S. rural population shrank and fewer Americans wanted the repetitive, dangerous jobs, the industry says. Packers turned to Mexico and the rest of Latin America for workers.

We don't want to pay a living wage even as the wealthy bastards enjoy their blood money. Better bring in some illegals! And I'm proud to be an American, where blub blub blub something free.

"It's like they've got a sign on the border, 'Come to Marshalltown,' " said Mike Foreman, 66, who worked at the meatpacking plant until 2000, when a back injury forced him to retire.

Sure is strange how we easily found White workers even after being assured by our enemies that no White person would want this job.

"The company paid them less than they paid us," he said last week at the city's senior citizens center. "The way I look at it, they're taking food out of our mouths."

Yeah, it is unfortunate. Hey, did you hear that there's Africa Ball on the talmudvision this Sunday?


Some of those who came were in the country illegally. The first recruits piling into Marshalltown were single men, mostly from Mexico.

I know it's hard to believe, but there it is. 

"Some of the Republican stands seem heartless to me," said Jerad Hintz, 36, a Republican dentist considering Rubio at a town hall at Marshalltown Community College. "Rubio is sympathetic. He wants to control the borders, which is fine, but he comes across as much more in touch with how it is in reality."

Let's hear from some pitiful cuckservative. I guess having a modicum of control over your own national sovereignty might be somewhat acceptable, but let's accept the "reality" of endless foreign invasion, White displacement and the steady transformation into Brazil North. Vote Rubio!

Hintz runs a practice that specializes in treating Hispanic patients.

Eyyyy, cuck gringo loco, theeesseee mawth hurrrr, I theeeeennnnk. I can't confirm that the amazing la-teen-oh mouth doctor is also one of g*d's chosen, but it seems likely. This invasion is great, shkotzim. I pull out Juan's rotten teeth and get geld, you lose your job and self-respect, everyone is a winner!

"I have a lot of friends and family who are immigrants. It's hard for me to believe we could, or would even want to, round them up and send them all back."

Muh la-teen-oh friends. Please don't punish them for breaking the law and making a mockery of our dead nation, it's inhumane.

Robert Silver, a student at the college, used to work at the Swift plant alongside a woman from El Salvador. 

((((Silver)))). Is this an article on the mud flood over our southern border or a bar mitzvah?

Now, he's married to the woman's daughter, Heydi Menendez-Silver, who is becoming a citizen next month.

The jew that pulled a Jeb. 

"Immigration is one of the most divisive issues there is, but I don't think there's a lot of tension in town between the groups," said Silver, 30, who works at the Lenox heating and air-conditioning plant here. 

Everyone knows that "multiculturalism" works really well, you unclean meat. You can trust me, I'm a jew.

"I understand that Mr. Trump is talking about throwing people out, but this town has been growing because of the Hispanics," Cisneros said. "I know some do bad things, but we do good things, too. We're here because we want to do better."

Just think of the rising population numbers, always a sign of national health. More unassimilated outsiders are a powerful force for good and don't forget muh economy. Sure, they do bad, child rape, tribal warfare and the like, but also the burritos, mang. And chalupas. 

People say that the Latinos stick together and don't show any interest in learning English.

In other news water is wet.

Fearful of Mexican drug gangs, they also say that the Latinos have contributed to an increase in violent crime. (Police statistics find the crime rate is stable or declining.)

Are you going to believe these politically motivated cooked books or your lying eyes?

Latino immigrants still talk about the federal raid at the Swift plant in 2006, on the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a sacred day for Mexicans. Agents handcuffed those without papers as a SWAT unit prowled the roof; 96 were arrested and deported.

And on their Aztec pagan holiday, too. What an outrage. The last pathetic gasp of White Iowa before the long night? Think about that when you're voting, Iowa. Really think about it.

"Now it's talk of a wall and, 'Get out and don't come back.' " said Sister Christine Feagan, who runs the Hispanic ministry at St. Mary's Catholic Church. "These people are vulnerable."

The poor lost sheep, so vulnerable to evils like basic rule of law and meaningful national identity. Even voting for a certain businessman might get rid of them, wink, wink.


  1. "The Jew that pulled a Jeb." You are truly an artist. Thanks for all the Lols.


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