A Cultural Marxist Guide to Fleeing Reality

Yesterday a nationalist candidate won seven states, all but securing the nomination and future presidency. This occurred hot on the heels of an ADL jew clutching an enemies list and unsuccessfully demanding Trump jump through kosher hoops and abase himself in front of the nation wrecker. It's clear that we're witnessing a movement, that the silent White majority has returned and is not happy. We have a chance to peacefully vote against the rot and perhaps reverse the decomposition process of the U.S.S.A., restoring a healthy White America of free association and rule of law. Suffice it to say our enemies with the little caps on the back of their heads aren't happy and are already discussing how to flee the coming Trump blitz.

For folks across the nation, the election of Donald Trump would make America grate — again.

Time for some of that down-home affectation from the traveling merchant that the lumpen-proles just can't get enough of. You folks on g*d's green earth, you don't like The Donald, you're darn tootin'. The time of the jew and its condescending "I'm one of you!" act is over.

The mere thought of President Trump taking the oath of office on Jan. 20, 2017, has already led to threats from U.S. citizens that they would leave our red, white and blue borders behind if The Donald reaches The White House.

My foot will be right on your ass as you go through the door.

The tycoon-turned-politician won at least seven states on Super Tuesday, putting him one step closer to the White House, and his critics — and they’re plentiful — are one step closer to the border.

Could Mitt Romney's fabled "self deportation" of the scum finally be coming true?

Since declaring his candidacy last June, Trump has insulted everybody from John McCain to Pope Francis, from Mexicans to Muslims to Megyn Kelly. 

Real talk against the enemies of normal America, oy vey!

Left-leaning Americans have been threatening to leave the country since Trump announced his candidacy last summer with a hate-filled, derogatory speech in which he called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.

Like cockroaches fleeing the painful light the communist scatters toward the walls in the face of the Hate Facts. The speech full of "hate" and undeniable truth, it hurts the feelings of the jew enemy. If you're White and not voting for Trump there's something seriously wrong with you.

The warnings of emigration have continued through his campaign — so much so that a tiny Canadian island created a website to welcome Trump haters.

Send 'em to Cruz Island, Canada. There the bigots on the wrong side of history can impotently cluck about how "races" everyone is after they pulled a Jesse Owens act because Muh Democracy turned on them.

Of course, such threats are nothing new. The late director Robert Altman started the trend during the 2000 election, becoming the first celebrity to say he'd leave the U.S. if George W. Bush was elected. But the threatened escape never happened: He died in Hollywood six years into Bush's presidency.

Big jew fails to leave and continues to pump spiritual cancer into the remains of our nation before choking to death on its own venom and waking up in hell. A devil gets a new plaything. Eternal agony and torture for the light of the world. Scream jew, scream.
Dead jew parasite never left U.S.S.A.

Minnesota-born "Monty Python" member Terry Gilliam renounced his American citizenship in 2006 in protest of Bush's reelection, although the actor moved to London in 1968.
We all remember the Presidential Election of 2006 (???) and some meaningless and thoroughly irrelevant cuck in the United Kaliphate. 

So how does a Trump foe make the big move to more progressive pastures in 2016? And of all the Trump-free countries, which is best for a soon-to-be-expat?

The expulsion of the jew communist. Maybe try Sweden? Or Minnesota, which might as well be a foreign country.

Trust expats who have already fled their countries: Singapore might be your best bet. 

Bemused ant-people watch the boat vomit out rootless cosmopolitans clutching carpet bags full of fiat currency and complaining about the humidity. 

Liberal paradise.

"I love the cosmopolitan nature of the city; its international population is well-traveled & open-minded," one expat said.

As a rootless alien wanderer traveling from one scam to the next and occasionally fleeing pogroms this suits quite nicely. 

When it comes to personal finances, Ecuador might be the answer. It ranks No. 1 for cost of living and is high on the list for just plain happiness.

Or we can go to da slums, running from da Trump, jew boy I can take you there...

The South American country goes easy on expats' wallets, ranking No. 1 for cost of living.

Low rent shanty homes, junk yards full of valuable scrap you can scavenge...much better than the restored America I escaped. I'm picturing George Soros living in a collapsing shack and rooting through garbage all day while cursing that shkotzim from New York and I can't stop smiling. Try your luck in Ecuador, "progressive!" You're going to love it.

Plus, there are far more women in Ecuador's government than in the U.S. Here, 20 women served in the Senate this term, while 84 women were in the House of Representatives in 2015 — both houses were comprised of roughly 80% men. Ecuador's one-chamber National Assembly has 59 women, compared to 78 men. That should be good news to all those women Donald Trump has verbally attacked over the years. 

Wow, no wonder they're doing so well as a country. Yeah, that'll teach Mr. Fancy Hair and his "sexist" comments. Uh oh, the scrap heap that represents all my worldly belongings just caught fire again.

Austria ranked No. 1 in health, safety & well-being in the InterNations poll, a list the U.S. didn't even place on.

Number one in safety.

Plus, Austria is a great place to raise a family, newcomers said.

Family values.

Love Americans, but hate America? Mexico could be your new home.

LOL. Reverse wet-backs, coming soon to the glorious new America. We'll open the door in the giant, beautiful wall and let you go to may-hee-co (or Ecuador!). 

Yes, you’ll have to worry about the tyranny of drug lords, but at least you can spend your Trump-free days talking about the American things you actually miss — perhaps starting with New York City Pizza.

I sure miss that New York pizza.

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