Africa Will Produce the Great Scientific Minds of the Future

According to demographic estimates the population of Africa is set to quadruple by 2100. This silent disaster will result in a world where fully half of the population consists of genetic aliens with an I.Q. of 65 and a strong desire to float into the smoking ruins of Eurabia while there's still something worth looting. The end result will be more destructive than the worst nuclear holocaust, a final massive invasion of evolutionary dead-ends and the successful completion of White genocide in our homelands. Fortunately, a racial flat-earth theorist is on hand to explain why the detonation of the negro population bomb is actually a good thing, because everyone is equal and therefore a billion new African living fossils should provide a commensurate number of genius scientists. Faced with despair and apathy as alternatives delusion sure looks appealing.

Low levels of investment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education have the potential to gravely affect Africa’s growth, impeding the competitiveness of many of its nations on a global scale. It is time for a wake-up call.

More. Needs. To. Be. Done. After the complete and utter failure of the colonial "White Man's Burden" it's clear that a little more spending and groveling should quickly transform the African all against all into another Switzerland. Open up that wallet before you die and get replaced by brown animals, Whitey.

There are signs the continent is thriving economically.

Positive economic indicators!

But is it sustainable without a workforce that will build the foundation for long-term growth?

Will the Chinese ant farms stripping the raw materials and then leaving create a sustainable muh economy among the devil-children?

It has been argued that the most important determinant of economic growth is the “knowledge capital” of nations, which is defined as the aggregate skills of the country’s population and which is measured by achievement scores on international mathematics and science examinations.

Dat durr knowledge capital doe. It must be fun to be a cultural marxist and just make up total and complete nonsense all day. We used to call it the racial make-up of a country, but let's pretend we can miracle bushmen into good little computer programmers and social media experts.

Achieving the goals for education will provide the resources to reduce poverty, to improve health, and to reach inclusive growth that lessens inequality within and between countries.

There's no evidence for any of this and actually quite a bit of contradictory evidence, but it makes us feel that nice warm rush of sanctimony and I don't want to lose my materialism by offending the jewish master.

According to UNESCO, in 2015, Africa needed to produce 2.5 million new engineers and technicians to be able to meet the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Engineers to solve problems like "floatin' cross dat see on da back way to get dem snow hoes and free shit."

Another amazing feat of African know-how.

In 2014, the World Bank released a report that assessed progress in global research output. Africa produces less than 1% of global output.

Since they're just tar-colored Whites it must be a lack of spending causing this, as well as, of course, White "racism."

I strongly believe that there is a direct link between these figures and the fact that no African country is spending more than 1% of its GDP on research and development (R&D).

When most of the GDP goes to recruit and train child soldiers, make witchcraft implements and import quality jenkem it's not surprising that few shekels remain for jungle monster basic research.

South Africa, the most advanced country in terms of research in Africa, plans to get there by 2020.

And by "there" we mean complete and total collapse after the few remaining Whites, the reason for the relatively advanced status, are killed or flee.

Africa is also invisible on the global research and innovation stage.

Let's avoid the obvious "races" conclusion and wallow in willful ignorance.

And yet, African scientists are working on important, life-saving, globally relevant research and innovations.

Like new, more efficient ways to hack up albinos for amulets.

There is no doubt in my mind that the next Einstein will be from Africa.

E = crude hatchet * brown paw, squared.

Mathematically, given the continent’s population levels, it is a probability. In less than 35 years, two of five children will be African according to the UN. How do we harness their talent?

If Africa tackles these questions honestly and makes the right investments in its youth, the emergence of an African Einstein is a certainty.

At least he chose an over-rated jewish fraud as the example. If we were talking about the "African Tesla" it would be even more ridiculous.

Africa is perceived at best as the small entrepreneur, “start-up” continent.

The "start-up" continent that's been populated with primitive hominids for thousands of years, producing nearly nothing of value during that time.

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us, and Africa can take the lead. We have the demographic advantage, and our leaders and citizens are hungry for solutions. Now, it is time for concrete and collaborative action to move beyond potential.

I like to think that immediately after writing this the author either picked up a big paycheck while laughing hysterically or looked at what had been written, realized it was pure drivel and then took his own life.

The fourth (and best!) industrial revolution.


  1. The negro can't even invent a wheel or build a boat to sail to the closest island but the next genius in technology will come from Africa? Color me dumbfounded.

  2. In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Keep on telling it. You're doing a mighty job.


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