African School Economics: South Africa's "Junk" Rating

The negro is incapable of self-governance. Lacking the intelligence, future time orientation or even the most basic ability to connect actions with consequences this failed branch of humanity has ruined everything that has come under their control, from Detroit Rot City to the burning cars and trash heaps in Europe to formerly prosperous African  nations like Rhodesia and today's subject, South Africa. With the protective and "racist" hand of Whites removed the content of their character is fully expressed: corruption, waste and failure. Eventually "muh economy" collapses completely and the endless dark night of savagery and superstition begins. Come back Whites we threw out and murdered! We dyin' hee-ah!

This country teeters on the edge of an economic cliff. At the bottom is the debt rating known as junk, which economists say is a distinct possibility in coming months.

Please don't come to the obvious conclusions about the 60 I.Q. African negro and their total and complete ineptitude and evil. Obviously this is the lasting legacy of apartheid or something. Come on, use your imagination!

South Africa would have to pay much higher interest rates to borrow money. Spending on health and education, already squeezed by falling revenue, would have to be cut, heightening widespread unrest.

If Detroit was an entire country. No more chedda from the disappearing wite debil to fund dem po-grams. The friendly merchant won't lend any shekels to the predictable failure of the living fossils. Unrest and violence, greed and stupidity, the mind and anti-soul of a failed race.

What happened to Nelson Mandela's plucky and inspiring African nation?

Hope and change.

The answers include many things beyond its control: a worldwide decline in commodities prices; waning demand from China, its biggest trading partner; and the worst drought in 50 years.

Also witchcraft and the dark arts, "racist" Whites, the legacy of colonialism and slavery, lack of quality jenkem, etc.

But there is a consensus among analysts that one of the biggest problems is President Jacob Zuma.

The problem might actually be the negro itself, as hard as that is to believe.

His critics point to a litany of misdeeds, starting with expanding the civil service and stacking state enterprises with his allies to the point that nearly 40% of the budget goes to paying government workers.

If Obama had a brother. The "hip hop" president brings failure and criminality to the sham of muh democracy.

His sprawling Cabinet includes 35 ministers and 37 deputy ministers, whose perks include first-class international air travel, two cars each, free housing and domestic workers.

Gots to get pizz-aaad, gnomesayin'?

The clash is likely to paralyze the government, leaving it incapable of much-needed economic reforms, said Justice Malala,a political analyst and author of a book on South Africa, "We Have Now Begun Our Descent."

Wear bee dem nomic foams?

"There's no real governance in South Africa," he said. "And you have a country that's just not working."

When Homo erectus failed.

About 950 millionaires moved out of the country last year, according to one survey.

The White rump state flees the Heart of Darkness chaos. Come back, we promise not to attack you with machetes this time.

There has been little improvement in education or healthcare, and in terms of wealth distribution, South Africa remains one of the most unequal societies. More than two decades after the end of institutionalized racism, unemployment is 40% among young blacks.

But, but...we ended "racism!" That should fix everything! 

Violent demonstrations are a daily occurrence, as protesters set up roadblocks, burn tires and government buildings, flip cars or throw stones at police to register their frustration with interruptions in basic services such as electricity.

The content of their character, a preview of the cannibal state that will exist when White genocide has been accomplished.


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