Atlanta: Aspiring (C)rapper Shot in Tribal Warfare

The negro has a lot to offer the vibrant salad dish that is the U.S.S.A. They sure can run, a very useful skill for the Africa Ball or, more commonly, pulling a Jesse Owens act after committing a crime. They're so hip and cool, with their low intelligence and garbled speech, certainly worthy of admiration, imitation and highly desirable as a sex partner, hint, hint. And don't forget the (c)rap "music!" Inside every good boy turning the life around and about to go to college is an aspiring rapper, a soulful street poet full of amazing high art covering such diverse topics as gun violence, drug abuse, having fiat currency, defiling White women and gun violence against Whites. With the help of the friendly merchant we're now fortunate enough to hear this jungle noise almost everywhere and we're certainly better off for it.

At first, Paul Springer thought they were fireworks.

Oy, it's so humid out here. Vat is this, fireworks?

“It was rapid fire,” he said Saturday, walking his dog near the crime scene at northwest Atlanta’s Street Execs Studios. “After a while, that quieted down, then there was some loud booms that I recognized as being gunfire. And machine guns.”

All out negro warfare, the African Heart of Darkness in an Atlanta studio. Tar creatures with heavily sloped foreheads and giant nostrils "busting" on each other in a dead nation. We need a lot more "gun control." We need to disarm Whites.

There were dozens of shots fired — and at least one hit popular Atlanta rapper Bankroll Fresh, killing him.

Another precious black life that matters a lot more than yours ended by predictable "African American" idiocy and evil. Dozens of shots fired by guns held incorrectly in brown paws yields a harvest of just one nigga body (Ah! Ah!). The world losses a great artist, a nightmare animal that liked to mumble grade school rhyming couplets about its love for federal reserve counterfeit.

 Good boy on the way to Grandma's house got shot.

Atlanta police spokesman Donald Hannah said officers responded to the recording studio on Defoor Place NW shortly after 11 p.m. Friday, finding “a large crowd of people fleeing the location.”

Much like the large crowds of Whites fleeing that location after it became "diverse" and completely unlivable. 

Authorities later learned that the 28-year-old rapper, whose birth name is Trentavious White, had been taken to Hughes Spalding Children’s Hospital after leaving the scene “in an unknown vehicle.”

Age 28 negro child taken to the hospital for one last burst of resources draining before it gracelessly expired. Will "Trentavious" replace "Barkevious" as the new go-to negro name for general usage? Good boy Trentavious, making magical art about drugs and guns. That Trentavious on the Africa Ball team, what a hero, look at that boy run.

A possible motive was unclear. It was also unclear if any arrests had been made. Hannah said Homeland Security responded to the scene and “recovered video evidence.” 

No arrests were made, cameras everywhere, sinecure government workers cashing that check, more proof that these living fossils aren't compatible with a civilized nation to quietly sweep under the rug with a kosher broom.

White, best known for his single “Hot Boy,” was affiliated with another local rapper, 2 Chainz. 

Whether this negro was "down low" available remains unknown, but the safe bet is it was.

Man I'm a fan of Bru and always will be , I'm in shock at the moment !! Senseless deaths we just got to stop it , I'm speaking up now 🙏🏿
    — Tity Boi (2 Chainz) (@2chainz) March 5, 2016

Thank you tit negro boy for so eloquently speaking out about the failure of your own worthless alien race.

Friday’s shooting was at least the fifth involving recording studios in the general area in less than two years.

Probably just a coincidence. Hey, is that negro ball on the talmudvision? 

Despite that, Springer said he’s not worried about violence taking over.

Blissful ignorance or a jew that seriously believes it will be safe from the monsters it turned loose?

“Honestly, it doesn’t bother me that much,” he said. “It’s a problem that needs to get solved. But we live in Atlanta. There’s a lot of this going on.”

More needs to be done and all, but they're schwoogies, what the hell do you expect?

As dead as the dollar.


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