Austria: Sex Attack by "Dark Skinned" Rapefugee

We live in a happy, prosperous and completely homogeneous White nation. Obviously, this needs to change. First give a tiny and completely alien minority complete access to the media and schools. Allow the wandering merchant to use this bully pulpit to preach materialism, hedonism, destructive individuality, nihilism, perversion and communism. When these kosher sermons have the intended result of destroying national pride, the family unit and reducing the number of White children below replacement it's time for the jew to unveil the solution to the problem it created: foreign invasion by dangerous animals that are not in any way compatible with White civilization. Then everything falls apart, with the added indignity of g*d's chosen screaming "racist" at your corpse as it's lowered into the cold earth.

The man had attempted to talk to the 37-year-old mum at the pool with her son, reports say. After rejecting his advances the man walked over to the children’s play pool and grabbed her son in Klagenfurt, Austria. 

An alien moon cultist turned loose in a dying White homeland, a lecherous monster whose inner thought life revolves around its penis, its stomach and a stone cube in a desert. Let these animals into Europe, I'm sure we can somehow convince them to approximate the minimum standards of civilized behavior. When we fail we can always blame it on "xenophobia" and cluck disapprovingly as everything burns.

The man, believed to be in his 50s, ran off with the child into a dark grotto being a fake waterfall at the water park.

The dark grotto of modern Europe, the fake nations with no identity, vision or future. Nothing but endless brown columns of enemy soldiers surging across undefended borders, preying on the weak and helpless as the criminal leaders look the other way and memory hole the chaos.

The panicked mother ran after her child and was allegedly sexually assaulted by the migrant, who had attempted to speak to her in broken German.

See, they're clearly assimilating and becoming good Westerners. This vile walking turd muttered something about "meine dicken" before kidnapping a child and groping a White woman. One has to wonder where the native White men are while this nightmare is slowly unfolding. Looking at the wall and trying to say "I'm not Afrophobic!" through a ball-gag, one would imagine.

The man grabbed her, put his hand inside her swimming costume and touched her private parts before she managed to escape with her child, according to Austrian police.

No magazine covers or jewish medals for these victims, only shattered lives and the silence of the tomb. No arrests were made, no media coverage, nothing to see here goyim.

Please don't attack our women, conquering enemy.

Officers says the man, described as dark skinned, left the swimming pool shortly after the attack.

I know, I was surprised too. We all know the real "rape culture" is as White as newly fallen snow, what a bizarre aberration this is.

Police spokesman Markus Dexl said: "The attacker was around 50-years-old and almost certainly a foreigner, who attempted to speak to her.

You know what, I think you might be right!

The attack is the latest in a spate of sexual assaults said to involve migrants.

Yeah. No shit.

The mighty strength of "diversity."


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