Cause and Effects

It happened again. Another jihad attack by moon cultists in a White nation that let them in and gave them hand-outs. Now the suicidal generosity, the pathetic surrender to an invading army is rewarded. Look at all that blood. Guess the "racists" were right...again. But we won't learn anything, of course. All our prayers with you Belgium, our worthless mumbling in support of more White genocide. Today we're all Belgians: cowardly, defeated, feckless cuckholds staring at the crimson-splattered wall of the airport, slobbering on the kosher ball gag while moe-ham-head activates a heaven vest. It was all worth it to avoid being called names by a jewish enemy that wants us dead. We're proud of our European Economic Union.

Let's just hope this doesn't lead to resentment against the innocent and decent "women and children" flooding our homelands, they would be the real victims, even as we try to figure out which severed limbs belong to which shredded torso. Just another isolated incident, nothing to see here, the death of your ancestral homeland is a great thing. Hold this candle and think good thoughts about your violent alien brothers and sisters. Then stick it up your ass for all the good it will do. Military in your streets, brown aliens in your bed, g*d's chosen in your government, lies on your telavivision. We're standing strong, yes indeed.


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