Don't Hit Muh Cah

Please watch the following amazing video. Be sure to make copies, I have a feeling it won't be up for much longer.

This incredible footage of negro pathology is the sort of thing that will be shown in classrooms a hundred years from now in our restored White nations when it's time to tell our descendants about the equality delusion and the disastrous jewish century. We'll need this hard evidence; no one would ever believe how pathetic, cucked, suicidal and divorced from reality White people were for a brief period of time before we regained our sanity and homelands. We actually pretended the nightmare creatures in this video were fully human and our equals.

The video starts with what's either the national collegiate debate championships or a brawl between two "ratchets" provoked by differing opinions on "fat asses" and their relative pros and contas viz a viz the modern "African American" experience. Either way, the nigga bodies (Ah! Ah!) engage in a dominance ritual worthy of Animal Planet while their fellow simians hoot and ook incoherently. And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.

Negresses brawl in a dead nation.

Believe it or not this struggle to "beee dat beeech" is just a warm-up act for the insane content of the character to come. After about twenty seconds of continuous physical exertion both proud black women are exhausted and unable to continue their center-of-the-road honor duel. Fortunately a car pulls up at that exact moment, as if some sort of law of conservation of negro failure is at work, demanding the monkey-shines continue. Bat-wielding Obama children approach with bad intent and the broad daylight morlocks engage in the sort of tribal warfare that is often reported but rarely captured in the wild. 

A request to "hurt his ass" goes unfulfilled when the car attempts to run over some of the evolutionary dead-ends, forcing them to use that amazing "southern speed" that earns full-ride scholarships to our top Universities and the pathetic worship of White sports cucks to black lives scatter out of the way. And there it is: 70 I.Q. animals using a White invention that they can't even comprehend, let alone replicate, in a failed attempt to crush their fellow shit-colored idiots. 

We need a lot more of this in Idaho.

  Driving while black.

The "Grand Theft Auto: Georgia" mayhem continues, but renewed shrieking from the diversity that represents our greatest strength indicates something else is happening that's more important than the reason there aren't any negroes in NASCAR. A "teen" runs past the camera, clutching at an open neck, covered in the red blood that we all have in common, thus proving our equality. "Call the Amber Lamps!" The negro, Demajhay Bell, was taken to a hospital where it died.

If you still think these genetic aliens belong in a White country you're either benefiting from the rot in the short term or clinically insane.


  1. Made a copy. Will re-up on a few services.

  2. They are preparing its eulogy.

    "He wud a goo boy, dindu nuffins, ah he ebur wanned wuz to go koledge paly fudbool an whyde wimmen"

    Demajhay Bell was made good on the Friday 18th March 2016. May he bother White people no more.


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