Dyke Sentenced for Phony Hate Crime

Whites are beings of pure evil, malevolent and heartless ice people full of hate for the more colorful and vibrant elements of humanity. This is the official jewish line but, as always, stupid old reality refuses to cooperate. Any impartial observer will quickly notice that Whites are "tolerant" of other failed races to a suicidal degree, that we passively accept our role in the modern world of shutting up, paying the taxes and dying. Faced with this cognitive dissonance the cultural marxist is forced to manufacture "proof" of the profound vileness of the only race on the planet that cares about justice or would allow opportunistic brown aliens to invade their homelands. Unfortunately the marxist is no better at faking these incidents than they are at having a rational debate, so the "narrative" usually collapses after the anti-White hay has been made.

After publicly sharing the details of an alleged attack motivated by her sexual orientation in August, a Central Michigan University instructor was sentenced last month for filing a false police report regarding the assault. 

A wise dyke, wasting police resources on its mental illness, pandering to the worst impulses of humanity in order to attack the vanishing ranks of normal healthy Americans. This lying turd taught at the communist indoctrination center. Whites paid ridiculous amounts of shekels to hear this monster scream and hiss against our traditions, families and basic goodness. Money well spent, don't forget to pay off your pound of flesh student loan to the friendly merchant.

While attending a Toby Keith concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort on Aug. 19, a man imposed on Mari Poindexter and her family’s personal space then spewed bigoted slurs at Poindexter, including calling her a “cross-dressing fag,” Poindexter told the Morning Sun in August.

LOL. Gelded and thoroughly kosher corporate cuck music about fighting for Israel and empty hedonism somehow provoked a legacy American to fire off "slurs" at a gender fluid troll with a middle linebacker physique.

Later that night Poindexter said that same man attacked her in the parking lot of the Cabin Bar, punching her in the eye and spitting on her. 

Rural Whites attacking Plastic Penis Americans! We need fewer rights!

Brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue.

Poindexter, who said she came out as a lesbian to friends and family three years ago, shared the story of her attack on social media.

Yeah, I'm sure they had no clue you were a dyke before the big exciting announcement, the pathetic surrogate for normal "Great news, everyone! I'm having a child" in the lives of completely broken degenerate perverts.

Her message went viral; it garnered thousands of shares and messages of support, media coverage in the Morning Sun and other news outlets and a public statement of support from CMU.

This obviously deceitful tale received national attention while the endless War on Whites gets sent down the memory hole.

Police confirmed an investigation was ongoing, and later that week as they reviewed security footage with her from inside the bar, Poindexter became nervous when she learned there was also footage from the parking lot and no longer wanted to watch the video, according to court records. 

Physical evidence, the most "races" and "homophobic" thing ever. Hey dyke...watcha doin?!?

That night, a friend of Poindexter called Isabella County Central Dispatch, concerned that Poindexter, who was on the phone as well, was going to harm herself.

"It's not a mental disease, it's just another lifestyle that's every bit as legitimate as yours, maybe more," said the man with the #6 nose and weird little skull cap.

Central Dispatch recorded the phone call, during which Poindexter admitted to her friend that she had fabricated pieces of her story, including the attack at The Cabin, according to court records.

There's the surprise of the century. Hmmm, if they would lie about this I wonder what else they're saying that's a lie...

“(Poindexter said) she made the story up about being assaulted by a male subject at the bar and punched herself in the eye because she wanted to raise awareness about the social hardships of people in the LGBTQ+ community,” read a police statement in the court records.

I wanted to attack people that are normal, healthy and happy so I punched myself in the face. The entire sodomite agenda in microcosm, mentally sick weirdos that want to destroy society so they can feel slightly less miserable in their debased filth.

Poindexter entered the plea in January and was sentenced on Feb. 25 to $225 in fines and six months probation according to court records.

Sadly no mandatory "sensitivity training" where you'll be taught that Whites are pretty much the only thing holding back total chaos and calling us long suffering in the face of constant attacks from unproductive criminal elements is an insulting understatement.

“On the night in question, she was accosted, by another patron at a local concert,” O’Neil wrote. “The assault included many homophobic remarks, very mean spirited.”

There's no evidence of this, of course. But come on, use your imagination!

Poindexter was so angry, O’Neil wrote, she decided to use the experience to bring attention to LGBTQ+ issues, but “made the mistake of exaggerating the assault.”

Or just handing us a pack of lies, whatever. Sickness good, healthy bad.

We support your lies.


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